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  1. Jeff Sims, Zach Quinney, Jordan Domineck...

    win ACC player of the week honors. Did I give you a heart attack?
  2. Bye week opens as a Pick Em vs. Georgia Tech

    Are we going to win the bye week? Are we going to lose the bye week? will anything happen of note during the bye week????
  3. 247's Freshman Breakout stars

    No Jahmyr Gibbs = Joke List Almost identical all purpose yards to Tank Bigsby (who made the list) but with a 5 TD to 1 TD lead
  4. Post week 7 bowl projections

    As you may or may not know, the ncaa has waived the win requirement for bowls this year. We may get in on P5 clout alone or way may run the table and make it anyway our currently projection is sun...
  5. Curtis Ryans and Jeff Sims receive ACC Player of the Week Honors Jeff Sims named rookie of the week. Curtis Ryans defensive lineman of the week
  6. Athlon Predicts 2018 All ACC Team Parker Braun 1st team KirVonte Benson 2nd team Brant Mitchell 3rd team PH3 robbed at punter. disgusting
  7. Adam Gotsis arrested

    A woman, on Feb 1, accused him of raping her back in 2013 when he was a student at Georgia Tech. Broncos comment
  8. Corporate Stadium Sponsorships

    Over the last few years, it's been a growing trend for college football stadiums to adopt corporate sponsors. It's not just limited to small time schools either. Today, USC announced that the LA Memorial Coliseum will change its name to the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum. Personally, I am...
  9. Transfer Rules Possibly Changing

    I see this as having a bigger impact on basketball than football just because of how many kids already transfer in the sport. I'm for this in situations like the coach getting fired or whatever and a player would be stuck playing in a system they weren't recruited for. However, I'm skeptical on...
  10. 2017 All ACC team GT players 2nd team OL: Parker Braun 2nd team RB: KirVonte Benson 3rd team P: Pressley Harvin III Honorable mention: Shamire Devine (first OG left out)
  11. SEC Bias!!!

    I noticed in the most recent AP poll that even sitting at 5-4, we received 6 voting points. I looked up who actually voted for us and it turns out it was just 1 pollster who slotted us in at #20. The journalist who voted for us was Lauren Shute of SEC Country...
  12. Duke Preparation

    Gotta get mind right for NEXT WEEK big game gotta beat Duke They got a game against Army this week to get another week to prepare for us and ... lost 16-21. Does this mean we also get tape to see how they do a poor job defending this offense?
  13. Adidas Flagship School

    When everyone else currently signed with Adidas gets death penaltied, will we become their flagship school by default next year?
  14. Total Defense Rankings GT currently at 14 I don't care if you feel it's misleading. I just want to be hyped
  15. Every Offensive play vs. Tennessee and JSU

    Credit to @apcarrick / acarrick on reddit for putting them together. here is his reddit thread where he makes some of his own comments
  16. Vad Lee

    Vad Lee just signed with my HOMETOWN ARENA FOOTBALL TEAM WHAT UPPPPPPP I got season tickets for the Columbus Lions once because they are really cheap and the games were actually kind of fun. Arena rules are pretty ridiculous and the people watching at the games is even better. The Lions have...
  17. UCF Post Game Discussion

    What the heck!? Were we even playing out there? All our playmakers were invisible.
  18. Georgia Tech cancels classes Mon and Tues

    Closed for Irma. Just read it on Facebook from some friends that still go there. How do you think it will affect us?
  19. ESPN CFB Images of the Decade 2000-2009

    We got in here quite a bit. skip the first few seconds ;)