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  1. Lotta Juice

    New LB Coach?

    Collins just retweeted this Looks like he was linebackers coach at Jacksonville State previously. Currently Thacker is DC/LB coach so maybe this guy is coming in just for LB's? If he helps that's good. We could use it
  2. Lotta Juice

    Jamie Foxx at GT

  3. Lotta Juice

    ATL Chart against Notre Dame

  4. Lotta Juice

    Jahaziel Lee in the Transfer Portal ??

    Did not see this coming at all Say it ain't so!
  5. Lotta Juice

    ATL Chart for Louisville

    No Graham No Ryans No Dylans Edit with a caveat
  6. Lotta Juice

    Coaching Acumen of the Future Staff . . .

    I know I'm looking a little far ahead here and I do not intend for this to be a negative post about the upcoming staff but..... Since CGC has now won 3 consecutive National Championships and been hired away to coach the Atlanta Waffle Houses (formerly known as the Falcons) are we sure that the...
  7. Lotta Juice

    Bill Connelly's Georgia Tech Preview Very low expectations generated from his S&P+ formula. Only explicitly favored in the Citadel game (yikes) but I don't think there's any way for his formula to capture all Da Juice...