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  1. Matt E

    Jump of S and C offseason program?

    Not going to a bowl game is never a positive, but I've been thinking of some possible silver linings. One example is the potential 6 week jump start in the offseason strength and conditioning program. Normally players have very little time in the gym other than maintaining as they continue to...
  2. Matt E

    Couple of observations during a GT-less Saturday

    1. It makes a huge difference running the TO when the quarterback is decisive and attacks the defense. I love JT, but watching Keenan Reynolds is night and day. Reynolds has a lot more reps in the offense and I'm sure that makes a difference. Hopefully JT will be hit during spring. I wonder...
  3. Matt E

    Clemson loses starting DT

    @DavidHaleESPN: #Clemson announces starting DT DJ Reader will step away from football for unspecified period of time. Huge blow to already thin D line.
  4. Matt E

    Brandon Gaudin calls of OB?

    Has anyone seen the OB touchdown plays matched up with Gaudin's play by play?
  5. Matt E

    Any chance we roll out the no huddle?

    Seems crazy considering how well we have been moving the ball. I'm all for a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality, but is there a chance we try to jump on them quick with a change of pace? I know the initial concern was the defense not playing well enough and the pressure it may put on...
  6. Matt E

    Opportunity for exposure missed last night?

    Did anyone notice Steve Addazio, Paul Cryst, etc providing analysis for ESPN last night during the championship game? ESPN news aired an "inside the BCS film room" with coaches providing analysis of play design, strategy, etc. It would have been great for program exposure if CPJ would have...