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  1. GruffyMcGuiness

    2015 MLB Draft - 8-10 June

    Ah, gotcha. I didn't know you could if it was a different sport. I'm surprised you don't see it happen more often, then
  2. GruffyMcGuiness

    2015 MLB Draft - 8-10 June

    Once you've gone pro you can't go back and play a college sport. Matt Skole has done well in the Nats system last I looked. I think he had Tommy John and is healthy again
  3. GruffyMcGuiness

    2015 MLB Draft - 8-10 June

    Is there anywhere to see what school pro players were committed to before signing? For example, David Wright was committed to Tech as well as (I think) Austin Jackson. I'd like to keep up with guys that would have been Jackets. Josh Hart was a recent one who played with Kel but signed with...
  4. GruffyMcGuiness

    Kel Johnson

    Just a usual day for Kel!
  5. GruffyMcGuiness

    Waiting on Beesball

    A mutual friend of ours said he told everyone he wouldn't sign unless it was a top 5 pick or if the Braves drafted him. Not sure if true and never asked him. He played at EC during the summer so playing for Citadels/The Campus shouldn't have made much of a difference. Glad we have him though. He...
  6. GruffyMcGuiness

    Waiting on Beesball

    Since he's a buddy I have to talk him up, but Kel Johnson is going to be a MONSTER.
  7. GruffyMcGuiness

    Redshirts from 2014 - Biggest Impact in 2015?

    Eric, have any info on Terrell Lewis? Haven't heard much about him. I was excited about landing him.
  8. GruffyMcGuiness

    Initial #s look at Free Shoes

    Sounds pretty familiar, huh? Longest run means nothing. Karlos Williams has been their starting RB most of the year.
  9. GruffyMcGuiness

    White- Gold Series starts Saturday

    My buddy Kel has two homers today!
  10. GruffyMcGuiness

    Quick poll on the pulse of the fanbase....

    I didn't renew my season tickets after having them for 3 years. Take that for what it's worth. I think the records vs. Miami VT and ugag speak for themselves. I think we're taking a step in the right direction recruiting wise but took a step back with the huge losses on the DL which isn't...
  11. GruffyMcGuiness

    GTA tweet about tomorrow at 10am

    I bet $50 we don't.
  12. GruffyMcGuiness

    An idea to think about

    I've got one little thing to add. There's a difference between former players disliking him and not thinking he's the right man for the job.
  13. GruffyMcGuiness

    2014 uniforms

    Let's quit changing our uniforms every year and win more than 6 or 7 games
  14. GruffyMcGuiness

    Vad to transfer?

    So I assume this opens up another scholly?
  15. GruffyMcGuiness

    Baseball Recruiting 2014 class

    I played homeschool ball with and against Kel for 3 years. Kid is an absolute machine. I doubt he ever steps on campus. He loves Tech though.
  16. GruffyMcGuiness

    Congrats to Sneezy

    After the year he has had? No way. Improved it at anything. He could play LB or DE in the NFL anyway. I'd bet LB
  17. GruffyMcGuiness

    Interview KeShun Freeman

    Can't wait to see him on The Flats!
  18. GruffyMcGuiness

    Star Debate/Ratings thread

    A lot of guys said the same thing about PJ Davis. I'd say he's working out.