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  1. bobongo

    Lions take Rams to the cleaners

    Detroit got Jared Goff, two 1st-rounders in 2022 and 2023, plus a third-rounder this year for Matthew Stafford. Stafford's a good QB, but his career completion percentage is only slightly better than Goff's (62% vs. 61%) and his career QB rating is actually slightly lower than Goff's (89 vs...
  2. bobongo

    Any info on OL injuries?

    Or injuries in general? I know Minihan went down - anyone know anything about his status?
  3. bobongo

    Wesley Wells

    Walk-on...2018 Field Goals 9/9 (long 48 yards)...2018 PAT's 39/39 Starting ahead of one scholarship kicker. Questions: Shouldn't he get a scholarship? Hasn't he earned one? Are we saving one for him? Are the odds high that there will be one available? What if attrition is less than expected? I...
  4. bobongo

    Athlete majors (spin-off thread)

    Every time I see cultural studies mentioned as a crip course, it's "African" Studies. Why is that? I know you wrote, "etc." after it, but is there a reason why "African" is always singled out? Every post I've seen denigrating any cultural studies program singles out "African" or...