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  1. stech81

    Anyone with any inside information

    with the ways things are going with the virus any information if we are going to have to wear a mask at the games
  2. stech81

    A real Debate ( sorry don't make this about CPJ vs CGC )

    This is only an example not about them about any college team. ( like FSU power house to below average ) What makes a power house football team fall and start becoming ordinary or below average team ? recruiting ? ( but this was not the case for FSU) , Coaching ( change in new coach old...
  3. stech81

    Question for anyone that know more than me so everyone

    The question is about our game with Kennesaw State and yes I think we should win the game. But the question is where we hope to get a full spring practice in they have a 6 game schedule starting at the end of Feb . How can they play 2 seasons in 1 year ? Is there not a limit of games you can...
  4. stech81

    Thank-you Curry

    I know if you read this board ( which I hope you don't ) thank-you for your time at Tech, You are what I think of when I think of a Tech Player someone who give 100% . I was glad to see you back on the field after you hurt your hand and if that don't show some of are fans what it meant to you to...
  5. stech81

    Uniform reveal - for Bye

    This is how the players will dress out this week and now how the fans will be dressed for Bye
  6. stech81

    Start early Bye post game thread

    Go ahead and tell everyone how you thought after the game with Bye the good the beer was great the good we didn't miss an EP or FG the bad home with wife the having to listen to her telling me to go out and cut the grass
  7. stech81

    Official College Football Power Rankings Week 8

    Hard to believe there are 53 teams worse than us
  8. stech81

    Calling Ibeeballin

    You sign to play for one coach and I think the last 2 years you had to play for a different coach. Without naming anyone how did the players like that transition? Did some move on or did some stay and caused problems.Please don't use names as I know most are still your friends
  9. stech81


    How many coaches can a college football have? How many are allowed to be on the field? Do the ones upstairs in the booth count as being on the field. This is the first year after 38 years I have not been at a game Due to circumstances I cannot control , when the players come off the field are...
  10. stech81

    I have 2 things to say

    First I know we will not lose to bye may not beat them but we lucked out we did get Open they are good. second GO AUBURN beat the butt sniffers Two uga fans at the game , their mascot UGA comes out on the field sits down he licks his ( yes that part ) one of the uga said I wish I could do that...
  11. stech81

    Ok question to kill time

    Well maybe 2 questions. We look to have some very good to great running backs this year. 1) in your life time as a Tech fan who is your opinion was the best running back for Tech ? 2) when was the last year in your opinion did we have 2 very good or great running backs in the same year ?
  12. stech81

    Question about this season and the ACC

    Lets say the the governor if North Carolina comes out and say no football in the state of North Caroline and the ACC commissioner would back him up because of course of UNC. But Tech , Clemson, and maybe a few others still want to play. Can they and can the ACC do anything about it? I know it...
  13. stech81

    Question - 2020 Schedule

    I know we play Notre Dame next year at MBS , do we also play Clemson next year at MBS ?
  14. stech81

    Lets look a the positive things about the game

    All looks bad but lets look at the positive things that happen yesterday at the game and make a list. 1) We didn't miss a FG or an Extra point yesterday. 2) As bad as we have been on kickoff coverage P'nut helped us by not scoring and we only had to KO once yesterday. 3) Any great punters...
  15. stech81

    Here is our problem on the Swarm

    It started a few years ago , 50% were ok with things ( Head coach) 25% thought CPJ was the best we could do, and the other 25% want him gone. The ones who wanted CPJ explain why , he did things right , we had some good seasons with him, he could beat uga , and he did what the school wanted by...
  16. stech81

    Just for FUN and with no one getting mad

    Every coach has things they say that some of us hate to hear over and over , CPJ had his ( we need to simplify things , we had X number of missed assignments, if you pass 3 things can happen 2 are bad) How just for fun lets here things the CGC or other coaches have said and being a smart as*...
  17. stech81

    Just something to past time till tomorrow

    Look supersizethatoedermutt those jerseys ain't gold or white which team is ours ? Oh crap 3th and long. Yes I'm telling you we are winning another TD by Mason. I think I'll play on the OL in 18 years for Tech. Did you see that pass by Graham ? That Knight cat is going to be a great...
  18. stech81

    Question about recruiting

    I think recruiting is important but so is coaching ( And I don't want to hear any bad think about our coaching that is not the question ) What makes a kid decide to go to a school , I always thought it was more won loss record but now I don't think that is the case. I'm fine with how we are...
  19. stech81

    Is college football near the end as we know it. California became the first state to require major financial reforms in college athletics on Monday after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a measure that allows players to receive...