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  1. Em_Jae20

    CGC Making His Media Rounds

    Interview with CGC on PFF. The vid is time stamped in YouTube but the CGC interview starts at 33:44
  2. Em_Jae20

    Team Building With The Program

    Looks like our guys spent the week going through some different training, bonding, and team building. Love seeing it and hope it helps make us a better team with great young men and leaders to guide this program.
  3. Em_Jae20

    Devin Smith Transfer

    Devin Smith transferring to Austin Peay
  4. Em_Jae20

    Jalen Camp

    Very long YouTube video but if anyone wants to check out Jalen's interview from this morning here it is. Jalen's interview starts at about the 3 hour 5 minute mark
  5. Em_Jae20

    Need An Understanding On QB Play

    So after watching yesterday's game I couldn't help but come up with the same thoughts I've been having since game one. It seems like Jeff Sims hold on to the ball way too long, almost to the point where he's starting to remind me of James Blackmon at FSU. Can someone with better football...
  6. Em_Jae20

    Darren Waller, NFL Top 100 Player

    Nice to see Darren Waller continue to get the recognition he deserves, and this time from his peers. Checking in a number 99 on the list.
  7. Em_Jae20

    Two Guys to Get Excited About

    Looks like Tobias Oliver and Kalani Norris turned some heads and caught some eyes at the abbreviated spring practice.