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  1. RhoChi

    Name and Likeness Law Signed by Kemp

    On July 1st of this year a Name and Likeness bill will be going into effect in GA. This bill will be signed on thursday by Gov. Brian Kemp at uGA. This is huge for GT! With a place that has such a huge emphasis on branding and such large media and company connections, GT recruiting and GT...
  2. RhoChi

    Finishing strong

    So I've noticed a common weakness of our team this season is inability to finish our games that we are a. Leading at half or b. Barely behind. We have lost a number of winnable games in the last minutes due to lack of either stamina or mental focus. How do we combat this going forward and can we...
  3. RhoChi

    GT Womens Tennis

    I just noticed that we didnt have any recent Tennis posts for our teams which I think is a shame considering we are ranked #6 in the nation! Today we take on UAB and KSU at home!