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  1. GT_B

    Tech sections at Clemson

    Hey guys, About to purchase tickets to make the trip up to Clemson. l'm holding out a slim chance that something miraculous will happen, but I'm pretty sure it might be ugly. Will be my first trip to Death Valley. Does anyone know what the visitor sections are? Or what sections a lot of tech...
  2. GT_B

    Ticket for UGA

    Hey guys I wanted to see if anyone had an extra or selling a ticket to UGA game. My dad wants to go to the game and I have my 2 season tickets that will already being used. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. GT_B

    Team Scrimmage Notes

    Looks like we had a team scrimmage and some stats posted. Looks like Lammers might be a force this year: "He said Quinton Stephens shot the ball well, with 19 points on 5-of-14 shooting. Ben...
  4. GT_B

    Anyone hiring?

    Hey guys, I am currently employeed, but am exploring a new career path. I'm trying to see if anyone is working for a company that is hiring right now in the Atlanta area. I live in Alpharetta currently. I have my bachelor's in business / communications. I am currently an account executive for...
  5. GT_B

    Alcorn St tailgate

    I took a half day at work for the game and plan on heading down early afternoon to get the tailgating kicked off. Does anybody know what time the parking lots usually open for Thursday night games? The last few I went to we went down after work, I havent gone down during the day. Businesses are...
  6. GT_B

    Season Tickets

    Has anybody heard when they might be getting sent out? I wanna say last year I got mine around July, but I couldn't remember.