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  1. UpperNorth

    Expansion Talk 2021

    Coach Collins needs to get on the phone with WaHo, Coke, Home Depot, and Delta and get them to buy us out of our GOR! He’s been hyping them everyday for 963 straight days, hasn’t missed a day! They owe us (Kidding btw)
  2. UpperNorth

    Expansion Talk 2021

    Could end up with: -SEC (Tx, Ou, FSU, Clemson) -Northern Conference (Big10 plus ND, some ACC schools/Big 12 leftovers) -Western Conference (Pac12 plus some big 12 leftovers, BYU) Some will be left out
  3. UpperNorth

    Expansion Talk 2021

    -Would there be a strong interest from SEC schools not named UGA for Tech to be in the league for the sole purpose of UGA not being the only SEC school in Georgia? A&M has lost their minds that Texas is joining for that reason, it hurts their leverage on recruits in Texas. UGA would have a...
  4. UpperNorth

    Expansion Talk 2021

    -Texas and OK are not interested in any other conference. From what I’ve read, they reached out to the SEC. They see it as the greatest opportunity for them and the best cultural/geographic fit. -The SEC Conference has won this whole conference expansion thing. Credit them. Sadly they don’t...
  5. UpperNorth

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    Nothing wrong with your opinion. Speaking solely from the perception of recruits, we’ve probably been missing on some even higher caliber guys that love our staff and culture but want to see results first. Hard to blame a kid. On the flip side the staff has sold a vision of building something...
  6. UpperNorth

    Fuente out?

    Nevermind, sounds like he might still have life.
  7. UpperNorth

    Fuente out?

    I think this is spot on. You always provide really good insight but I’ll say this about Auburn that Va Tech doesn’t have to deal with: Auburn has an extremely insecure fan base because of Alabama’s success and it spans generations. That dynamic adds a lot of unrealistic pressure. Beamer created...
  8. UpperNorth

    Thank-you Curry

    I will certainly miss Curry, great guy, hard worker, leader, played with heart and soul, and in My opinion a solid player. All the best to him
  9. UpperNorth

    Miami game cancelled

    This is not true. I’m complaining because I admired us playing against the odds against Nc St and Pitt. Games that we lost, but was proud of the effort and viewed those games as valuable opportunities for underclassmen. Miami was another opportunity to do that. I also applaud MS State for...
  10. UpperNorth

    Miami game cancelled

    Fair point. And I do respect it though I don’t necessarily buy it. I don’t take public statements as the whole truth.
  11. UpperNorth

    Miami game cancelled

    I think we’ll sign more than 1 or 2 more whether it’s this week or before February and there’s one position of need that’s very important and this week could be important in locking that up. Probably doesn’t hurt to give our current commits some attention this week either. Early signing day...
  12. UpperNorth

    Miami game cancelled

    I was proud of us for playing Pitt despite all of the things that we had working against us. Kind of that, “anytime, anywhere, next man up, put the ball down, roll up your sleeves, I’m not scared” mentality. With that said, I’m conflicted on how I feel about cancelling 8 days prior to the game...
  13. UpperNorth

    The Refs

    This was my inclination. I thought Collins should have challenged it. You’re challenging the spot (not the forward progress) which is challenge-able. He may have chosen not to challenge it because of a lack of video angle but prior to Duke’s timeout I’m not sure if you wait to find out if there...
  14. UpperNorth

    GT vs Louisville Final Stats/Participation Report

    I thought Kyle Kennard got a sack before the end of the half. Guess it wasn’t behind the line, but regardless, he’s mistakenly labeled as Keegan Hemingway in this report.
  15. UpperNorth

    Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    Did anybody see Dingle play? He didn’t record a stat and I didn’t see him. Really hard to know how good our DLine can be without Clayton, Ryans, and Dingle. 3 of our 4 most experienced DEs. Saw a lot of Dominick, Yondjouen, and Bennett but they were no doubt spent facing that up tempo offense...
  16. UpperNorth

    Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    Hats off to UCF, they outplayed us and at this point in our rebuild are simply a better team. IMO, every position group needs to improve. Some groups are at least a year of development away from us being a good team (my idea of good right now is 8 or 9 wins). Now, we’re light years ahead of...
  17. UpperNorth

    ATL week 2

    Did anybody notice Derrik Allen against the Noles?
  18. UpperNorth

    GT 7.5 Home Dog to UCF

    Curious at everyone’s thoughts: Does being a 7.5 point underdog at home to UCF following our win at FSU make you feel disrespected, respected, or sound about right for where we are in the rebuild?
  19. UpperNorth

    Ryans Named National Defensive Player of the Week

    In case anyone missed it last year, here’s a great article by Ken about Curtis’ high school career and recruitment. I’m unclear if he was considered a walk-on or a late signee. I didn’t see him listed on the rivals’ 2018 commitment list. Either way, great find by the former staff, great...
  20. UpperNorth

    Injuries from FSU game

    Hearing the same news. Don’t feel comfortable sharing either but with time to process it I think everyone will be excited about the next men up.