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  1. UpperNorth

    Discipline and Suspensions in GA High Schools

    Was at McEachern, transferred to Creekside midway through his jr season, and back to McEachern sr year? Not sure I knew you could transfer midseason, anybody know details? And I guess that makes him pretty familiar with Franks/Meiguez. Would be an incredible pickup if there’s space. Here’s his...
  2. UpperNorth

    Nate Woody

    has taken an experienced but previously underwhelming Dline, a talented but inexperienced secondary, and a revolving door at LB and made us one of the top turnover-creating D’s in the country. A far-cry from most years under Roof. We’re still giving up too many points, but seemingly getting...
  3. UpperNorth

    Good Teams Don’t Beat Themselves

    You don’t have to have the best talent on the field to be successful if you don’t beat yourself. It seems like the best coaches have a high standard on the little things and are able to coach kids to avoid costly mental mistakes. We’ve all seen Saban and now Kirby (with talented players) and...