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  1. ACC Tourney

    I hear you. My most hated team since pre- Sampson-Goza. It’s unnatural.
  2. coaching/QB discussion from Clayton thread

    Y’all open your presents on the 23rd? I’m up for the Christmas morning thrill of the game time reveal.
  3. The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    State delays opener at vippy sue.
  4. The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    NCST temporarily shutting down all athletics.
  5. ACC Announces Search for Next Commissioner

    Why bother with the pretense? We just did a UNCheat AD, go on and install an ex-Duke AD and be done with it. Duke could upset the house of cards if they do 2 UNC ADs in a row.
  6. The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    A little hope?
  7. New Schedule Announced

    I would be happy to represent if NY changes their rules and allows spectators. I’m in a state on their “safe” list, was in Syracuse on Monday for work. However, with the only indoor stadium in the conference, I doubt they revise the rules by 9/26.
  8. The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    Everyone see this activity risk chart from Texas? Wonder how the risk management procedures being implemented affect the ratings, or if just the physical contact involved. My favorite things in dark red lol.
  9. Who is coming to Durham

    I go to the away UNCheat/Puke game every year. My folks and brother & family live in Raleigh. Nice they are alternating years, get an additional family visit plus game every year. Been a rough few years...
  10. Alcohol Sales

    Beer sales at Temple. Nice.
  11. Has it come to this?

    Spot on here. I don’t know enough about what other teams have facility-wise to call ours marginal, but agree with everything else.
  12. Leading Candidate for Ga Tech President

    As a structural engineer, this makes me both cringe and smile. Glad to know there are some out there who consider us cheap lol. I’ll think of this next time I get beat up on pricing, likely later on today.
  13. Miami defensive adjustments

    Watching the Jets-Dolphins game, it’s clear the Dolphins crew is in over their head. Denver somehow can maintain a natural field through the season, yet these folks can’t get it done with year-round summer.
  14. As Bad as It Was

    "He said that the PSU fan base was calling for him to be fired for years." After 1 year as DC? You slip some of that Hatorade to your boss as well?
  15. Dissappointed with fan experience

    If y'all weren't pathetic, you'd be adorable. Those of us that live out of state pay $500+ to go to a home game. Count your blessings. What the heck did you do with your Tech degree anyway.
  16. Stones Gear

    Yup. $40 for the t-shirt, $100 for the football jersey.
  17. Stones Gear

    Just checked the B&[email protected] site and couldn't find these. Is it Tailgater Alley selling them? Got to have one of the striped tongue shirts for my wife, and I'm 800 miles away.
  18. CPJ Interview on ESPN Radio

    I listen to most of these podcasts. This guy Zubin Mehenti is a big-time ACC football hater. Was a one-note pony last year about undefeated FSU not deserving their ranking due to playing in a "horrible" (literal quote there) football conference. Looking forward to hearing how he bites his tongue...
  19. Byerly brother encounter at ACCCG

    I flew down with my daughter to Raleigh, and drove over with my folks for the game. We drove my parent's vehicle, which has an Army Black Knights sticker (my father is a West Point alum, '57). Shortly after we arrived at the tailgate, a couple of sharp young men in full Tech gear approached our...
  20. So who's going to Charlotte?

    Put together a group of 12 - 6 from Atlanta, 2 from SC, my folks from NC, my daughter and I flying down from NJ. Can not wait. Paint the town gold, baby!