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  1. GTRanj2

    Potential playoff expansion

    Big news Link I could get behind this. Seems like all sides compromised here. Certainly better than what currently exists.
  2. GTRanj2

    PSA: Spam Calls, Porch Pirates, and Retribution

    I've recently been getting absolutely hammered with spam calls. It was so bad, that i ported my phone number to google voice because they have a somewhat decent spam filter. As a result of all my attempts to get some revenge, I recently came across this video on YouTube. Apparently this scam...
  3. GTRanj2

    I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

    Alright ladies and gents seeing as how CJP is essentially wearing the face shield for good luck at this point, what is your game day good luck gear/routine. Me: Lucky GT socks and my lucky long sleeve GT shirt. No routine for this season.
  4. GTRanj2

    Pastner's Hair What would you pick?
  5. GTRanj2

    Recruiting Potential

    Since one of the key pillars for the success of future Tech football is now recruiting, I would like to see what people realistically expect Tech to reach. What I mean is average recruiting class rankings. Specifically the scenario is that we are 4 years into the CGC era and the ship has been...
  6. GTRanj2

    Blue Pants

    Nuff said
  7. GTRanj2

    Mississippi state

    I really wish we would have hired Mike Leach. That offense would have been so much fun to watch here. Currently lighting up the defending national champs.
  8. GTRanj2


    I've gotten back into Kayak fishing lately. I've mainly fished the Chattahoochee for striper in the past. Anyone know of any good lakes or rivers with some large or small mouth bass to hit up? I've been trying Stone Mountain Lake lately, but with no fish finder, its hard to get on the fish...
  9. GTRanj2

    Contact Work - Neighbor helping neighbor

    Seeing as how there may be lay offs soon for some, and how this is a fine technical school, I thought this would be a good section to post this. My thought is if anyone personally, or for their company needs, some temporary contact engineering work, this may be a good place to get in touch with...
  10. GTRanj2

    Ravens Offense

    Did you guys see what they did yesterday? Maybe we can go back to running that pro style offense now...