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  1. ACC Tournament 2021

    NC State was playing past 11:45 last night. As far as I can tell they didn't burn any top arms, but their Freshman Coby Ingle went 4 innings and was very solid this year. One less option for them at least. Looks like they played their normal starting 9 all night. Including their typical...
  2. GT vs UNC; I'll take the Coastal for $500 Alex

    My guess, as someone who has been barrled over a few times at home, is that Parada stood up the UNC player then immediately recognized his chance to get a mild shot back for once. UNC guy did nothing wrong and it was a clear out. Definitely an ill advised reaction, but those play are such...
  3. First Pitch from Space

    Mildly interesting/somewhat related, a first pitch from the '95 World Series was also thrown from space. Braves lost the game but obviously went on to win the series.
  4. ACC Tournament 2021

    It will be really interesting to see what UNC does. If they decide to try and beat Pitt without Love, then they obviously have a solid chance to beat NC State Friday night. Let's hope they go to 14 innings that night. What do y'all think UNC would do with Love on 5 days rest after 130 pitches...
  5. ACC Tournament 2021

    I like how this sets up for us. 6 full days of rest for Hurter. Seems like Clemson will be favored on Tuesday. If Clemson does win, we can go for the pool victory with our front end starter. 7pm against Clemson is after work as well. Then hopefully we're playing on the weekend. Although...
  6. GT vs UNC; I'll take the Coastal for $500 Alex

    Archer looked good early on Friday. I think long delays may have been a big factor in his struggles.
  7. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    Just glad most of my tickets went to good use on a year when we needed as many fans in the stands as possible. Was also cool to meet someone (@mikegro) on here IRL for the first time. Go Jackets!
  8. THWG

  9. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    Late to posting this week. Two tickets available tomorrow (Saturday). PM if interested.
  10. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    Sorry, my tickets for this weekend are all accounted for now.
  11. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    I have two tickets available for tomorrow's game (Fri) vs FSU.
  12. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    I got your message now!
  13. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    I have 2 tickets for Friday and 2 for Saturday. Message if interested.
  14. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    I got two tickets available. Message me if you can, I couldn't send you one for some reason.
  15. Congrats on your win idiot

    Congrats on your win idiot
  16. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Did not age well... that's fine, no one liked us to be in the NCAAT about 3 weeks ago.
  17. 2021 ACC Baseball

    Wake is next weekend's opponent. Start looking for a possible replacement?
  18. Pittsburgh - ACC Weekend #3

    Agreed, they are pounding the zone very well. The first pitch was the best pitch several times last night. You can't exclusively work the count on guys that always throw first pitch strikes. Eventually you need to ambush a couple first pitches that are in your spot or you just give pitchers a...
  19. 2021 ACC Champion Apparel Thread

    Fanatics Players were wearing the hat and blue tees after the game
  20. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Personally, I think the committee is going to suprise a lot of people with GT's seed. I feel like every March I hear the same thing... "the committee rewarded a strong finish and forgave early losses." That's us in a nutshell. Heck, I don't see how the committee wouldn't want us in a...