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    Expansion Talk 2021

    If we see consolidation, who will they play?
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    Name and Likeness Law Signed by Kemp

    Or his APG if there was a 3 point line…
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    Article Says BEST CASE Scenario Is 5-7

    I have no idea what our win/loss record will be. But this I’m certain, we will pass the “eye-test” and we will all be pleased.
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    GTWBB w/ 2 Early Signees....

    Thanks for the update. I‘ll go there.
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    GTWBB w/ 2 Early Signees....

    Any updates on Women’s recruiting? Or, are we basically done for 2022.
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    Spring Training 2021

    Gov. Kemp just announced all adults will be eligible for the vaccine beginning this Thursday.
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    WBB - Georgia Tech (5) vs. Stephen F. Austin (12), Sunday 4:30 p.m, ESPNU

    2nd half defense was absolutely suffocating—NellYeah!
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    GT vs Wake, Friday 3/5, 8 PM, ACCN

    Didn’t Jose bang knees in the Syracuse game?
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    2021 Offseason Work Out Program

    Notice how he blocked with the left hand making it less likely to be called for a hacking or blocking foul. Good job!
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    Hulu live dropping Fox regional sports channels

    Same Here. I live in Albany and RSN continued to be carried on my Youtube TV channel lineup.
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    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    I shutter to think of the death toll if we reach herd immunity without a vaccine.
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    Scholarship Slots remaining

    He said it in one of his interviews yesterday.
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    Could use some luck...

    I believe there Are a couple of SA representing the 229 from my neck of the woods. When in doubt, gopher baroque—and defeat PSU!
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    Question about recruiting

    I went to the Colquitt vs. Grayson game in Moultrie to see Ryan King play but he sat out due to injury. There was one guy who stood out to me and passed the eye test. When I got home, I looked him up. It was Carter Boatright. From the stands, he looked taller and stronger than anyone else...
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    ACC Network Updates

    I have Dish snd will be doing likewise.
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    ACC Network Updates

    My exact strategy with dish.
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    ACC Network Updates

    It does and thanks.
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    ACC Network Updates

    Just got off the phone with Dish. They’re still in negotiations but no promises. I did get a $40 credit off my bill. My contract runs out the 22nd of this month. If nothing changes, i plan to migrate to YoutubeTV. However, i have 1 non Smart TV. Will a ROKU stick for it? It’s the wife’s.
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    ACC Network Updates

    Dish quit HBO and now FOX Sports Southeast. I’m so close to quitting Dish.
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    Brent Key Mic'd Up

    I was thinking the same thing. I live in the ALB too.