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  1. ToddM

    ACC v SEC

    Vandy beat Wake Ga beat Tech SC beat Clemson Fla St beat Florida Is the conference getting better ?
  2. ToddM

    iPad iOS 7.0.4 wi fi issues

    Guys if I can't get an answer here I won't get one anywhere. Is anyone having issues with intermittent wi fi connection since updating g their iPad 2 to the latest version ? My other computers are fine it's just my pad. I have messed with airplane mode, forgotten the network, rebooted...
  3. ToddM

    Help with a rule please

    I am watching the Clemson game, pulling for the ACC. Mid 3rd quarter after the Mutts scored they kicked off. The ball went over the head of the Clemson player and into the end zone but not out of the back. The ball came to rest I the end zone, without being touched or downed. As soon as the...