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  1. Em_Jae20

    Jahmyr Gibbs 2021-22 stat predictions

    And the talent and production gap between our #2 RB and the rest of the ACC's #2 RBs is pretty wide too
  2. Em_Jae20

    CGC Making His Media Rounds

    Interview with CGC on PFF. The vid is time stamped in YouTube but the CGC interview starts at 33:44
  3. Em_Jae20

    Jamie Foxx at GT

  4. Em_Jae20

    Team Building With The Program

    Looks like our guys spent the week going through some different training, bonding, and team building. Love seeing it and hope it helps make us a better team with great young men and leaders to guide this program.
  5. Em_Jae20

    Devin Smith Transfer

    Mods could you plz correct the OP for me. That's Austin Peay not NC State. Sorry about the error
  6. Em_Jae20

    Devin Smith Transfer

    Devin Smith transferring to Austin Peay
  7. Em_Jae20

    Jalen Camp

  8. Em_Jae20

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    NIU: Win Kennesaw State: Win Clemson: Toss Up UNC: Win Pitt: Win Duke: Win Virginia: Win VT: Win Miami: Win Boston Vollege: Win Notre Dame: Toss Up uga: Win The thread title is expectations for the 2021 season. Call it unrealistic but I expect to win every game (I guess that's the fan in me...
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    Jalen Camp

    He's still working
  10. Em_Jae20

    Jalen Camp

    Very long YouTube video but if anyone wants to check out Jalen's interview from this morning here it is. Jalen's interview starts at about the 3 hour 5 minute mark
  11. Em_Jae20

    Spring Training 2021

    Zeek Biggers!!!
  12. Em_Jae20

    Curtis Ryans has entered the transfer portal

    Hope he finds a good landing spot but this hurts from a fan standpoint because he produced very well when he was on the field
  13. Em_Jae20

    whos the better dunker

    I need Ush to jump over a guy and dunk it before he's even considered for this. Love Ush and his ability to finish but it's not even close at this point.