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  1. Js-showman

    The Play - from a scientific perspective

    Because we're engineers (and it's pretty cool of ESPN to do this) -
  2. Js-showman

    Post Season Musings

    I have been a tech fan for 40 years. The enjoyment from this season has been, at worst, in the top 3 of all of the time I have been watching tech football. 1990 is at the top for obvious reasons. 2014 is at or better than 1998 and exceeds 2009. 1998 was great in that we ended up with a #9...
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    Do we have to pull for FSU now?

    While a win last night would have been awesome, we wouldn't have pulled ahead of anyone as OSU, TCU and Baylor all did what they needed to do. In fact, it would have hurt the conference, by eliminating the ACC from the playoff. As an ACC fan, I find myself pulling for FSU to win the NC as much...
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    Fired Up Thread

    Ok GT Fans. It is time to get FIRED UP! This is for the Championship. The ACCCG against the undefeated defending National Champions! This will, at minimum, lock us into the Orange Bowl, get us into the top 10 and, with a lot of luck, may even get us into the Playoff. We own the Hokies. We...
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    Noles vs. Jackets and the impact of Charles Kelly

    Great read. Perhaps one of the best I've seen on our offense. We may actually be gaining some believers this year.
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    I love Derrick Moore

  7. Js-showman

    SEC, SEC, SE stinks

    Louisville over KY Clemson over Spurrier GT over UGAg THWG and THW- SEC!
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    So how do we take down Free Seafood U?

    Not to look past UGA. How could we? But taking a moment to revel in our Coastal Championship brings up the thought as to how we take down this juggernaut that is FSU. They play BC, then UF before us, so they're time to prep is almost nil. Advantage Tech. Beyond that, I'm not sure. Can we...
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    If you had to choose

    Obviously we all want both, but if you had to choose Between going to the ACCCG and beating FSU, or beating UGAg, what would you choose?
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    Quote of the day from Clemson Board

    "Starting in 2011 (per Rivals): 5-Star recruits: Clemson - 5, GT - 0. 4-Star recruits: Clemson - 26, GT - 4. We are far, far more talented than GT. I'm trying to think, what factor could possibly account for their drubbing of us today? " Not as good as the kid crying in the stands, but...
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    Brian Gregory

    For whatever you think of him, he owns the Mutts! Go Jackets! Nice win.
  12. Js-showman

    More stupid hypotheticals...

    Listening to 680 this morning, Sandra and Chris were playing through the hypothetical scenarios necessary for a 2 loss UGA team to make it into the gang of 4. To Sandra's credit, she wasn't buying it, but Dimino kept pressing that if UGA wins out, beats an undefeated Miss St. team in the...
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    The speed factor

    I don't think this gets enough attention. This is the fastest team I believe Paul Johnson has ever had, including Navy and Southern. Thomas Snoddy Zenon DJ White Smelter All stand out on the field. How many times did we see a GT back screaming downfield blowing past Pitt defensive backs...
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    CPJ vs. CGO

    Saw this on another board and thought I'd share - CPJ has now coached the exact same number of games at Georgia Tech as George O'Leary, 85 total games. George O'Leary finished his coaching at Tech with a 52-33 record for a 61.2% winning record. With the win over Miami , CPJ is 53-32 for a...
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    What a Game !

    The last time I enjoyed a game this much at Bobby Dodd was the 2008 Miami game where we ran for almost 500 yards on ESPN, I believe on a Thursday night. The 2009 Clemson game was great, as was the 2011 Clemson game, but we didn't play this well in either of those games. Bobby Dodd was flat out...
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    Georgia Tech's Probation Extended How pathetic - The NCAA said coaches made at least 478 impermissible calls and sent at least 299 impermissible text messages to a total of 140 prospects. The NCAA said there were violations in...
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    Updated predictions for the season

    I don't think this qualifies as an update since I didn't make a prediction at the beginning of the season, but I think we have a real shot at 9-3 with a more conservative outcome being 8-4. Not counting a bowl game. The good news is that we are capable of beating any of the remaining...
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    Our unsung hero

    Harrison Butker. How long has it been since we have consistently watched kickoffs leave the endzone. He kicked one into the stands on Saturday. He kicked another one that hit the cross bar. I have been a Tech fan for 35 years and cannot recall having a kicker who had that kind of leg on the...
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    Clemson choking

    5 turnovers late in the 4th quarter. Boyd playing like crap. Dabo saves his annual choke game for USC. Pathetic.