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  1. 2021 Atlanta Braves

    But no more Panda hugs after HR's... You can't discount how much getting hugged by Pablo with an oversized Panda head meant to the rest of the guys in the clubhouse.
  2. SEC Adds Texas & OU, What Next?

    Academically, perhaps Texas Tech and Iowa State? Don't know much about Texas Tech's academics, but Iowa State is an Engineering school. I wouldn't think that WVU would have the academics to be an ACC candidate, but at this point of the conference realignment conversation, who knows...
  3. SEC Adds Texas & OU, What Next?

    Well, that depends on who wants to stay at GT or go to another school if we are in the B1G. Part of the allure of playing baseball at GT is getting a great education. The other part is playing high level baseball with an ACC/SEC schedule. Moving to the B1G changes the dynamic of players that...
  4. NL EAST 2021

    I just hope we get there. 22-23 in our last 45 games, if I recall the stat correctly. Not exactly tearing it up and putting distance between us and the Braves or Phillies. Although, we haven't lost much of our lead in the division over that span either, so.... I'll take deGrom and Stroman in...
  5. NL EAST 2021

    Wow! I tried to think of something else smart to say, but that's all I've got at this point.
  6. NL EAST 2021

    Yup, TBD turned out to be Eickhoff, whose best performance for us this year was 4 innings of shutout ball against the Braves earlier this year in what I believe was his first start for us. 3 hits and 3 walks in that one, but no runs. We've DFA'd him 3 times now in less than a month. The first...
  7. NL EAST 2021

    Well, you may get your wish that he stays. Heard on the Mets broadcast that he was removed from the game today due to testing positive for COVID. Initial thoughts were injury or trade, but no. Not sure how that may impact his trade value.
  8. NL EAST 2021

    I read that the Nats are willing to part with anyone but Soto. Seen rumors that Seattle may be interested in Trea.
  9. Tokyo Olympics

    And the Austrian cyclist that you note in #2 has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from The University of Cambridge. So, yeah...
  10. NL EAST 2021

    Rich Hill is a great addition for my Mets. Haven't heard anything about Merrifield. Bryant, Baez, Story, yes I've heard rumors, but need more pitching. TBD has started way too many games for us lately, and I'm afraid he's going to get worn down...
  11. New Pro Jackets Progress

    Arden Pabst playing against Binghamton tonight. 1-3 with a BB, run scored and RBI. Only hitting 0.197 on the season, which looks to be consistent with his average in AA from 2018 and 2019.
  12. New Pro Jackets Progress

    Yeah, my thought when the Braves took Waddell and JHM back to back was to try to get a hometown discount to be able to assign other pool money in other places. Could be wrong, but first thoughts.
  13. New Pro Jackets Progress

    If so, I'd love to see him pitch in Cincinnati!
  14. New Pro Jackets Progress

    I had a habit of listening to Mets minor league affiliate games until COVID cancelled their season last year. Every once and a while, I'd hear a familiar name from Tech playing against the Mets club. Tonight was the first time I listened to a Mets minor league game since at least 2019, maybe...
  15. 2021 MLB Draft

    Bartnicki not getting drafted doesn't surprise me. Was very erratic this year. I believe he has 2 years of eligibility left. Would love to see him back, but don't know what him and his family are thinking. May sign as an undrafted free agent?
  16. 2021 MLB Draft

    I would agree. If a team can't sign a player in the top 10 rounds, they also lose that money from their bonus pool.
  17. COVID at CWS

    So you're saying that young men and women have concern about the long term effects of a vaccine (not yet fully approved by the FDA, but approved for Emergency Use Authorization), but "know COVID is almost never lethal for someone like them" in the short term? What are the long term impacts of...
  18. COVID at CWS

    Actually, from my understanding from D1Baseball's article there were 8 NC State players that tested positive. The way I interpret it, the first 4 were unvaccinated, the last 4 vaccinated. Excerpts for those who...
  19. NL EAST 2021

    It's the NL East. The Nats (Kyle is the #1 perpetrator, especially against the Mets) have been on fire. The rest of the division have been wandering around like zombies. Should be an interesting summer!
  20. 2021 MLB Draft

    Not sure Malloy would be better at 2B, if he comes back. His best plays last year were reaction plays at 3B. When he had time to think about the ball coming his way, not sure he'd make the play. Made a lot of ESPN highlight plays when he didn't have to think about it though! I didn't study...