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  1. ToddM

    ACC v SEC

    Vandy beat Wake Ga beat Tech SC beat Clemson Fla St beat Florida Is the conference getting better ?
  2. ToddM

    Duke wins the Coastal

    There in lies the problem, it's unavoidable. There is no way to balance a schedule and then compare the teams. The BCS playoff format will never decide the best team if the regular season conference schedules can't . It's that way in the SEC also. Ga went 2-3 years in a row without playing...
  3. ToddM

    UGA @ GT game thread

    Guys, I have apparently gone to far in my thoughts of the game and the players. My language has resulted in my last post being deleted by the administrator as I have been informed I made a personal attack on the kicker. I feel that if it were allowed to stand you could determine if it required...
  4. ToddM

    UGA @ GT game thread

    I get all that. But he was a QB starting his first game, down by 20 and we lost . Excuse time is over. Vad screwed up with the pick but it was our soft *** none playing secondary that still can't stop anyone. Vad is a highly rated 1st year starter playing his 12th game by the way, why do t...
  5. ToddM

    Proud of Our Guys

    Guys there is no non support but this is a football game, we lost after a 20 point lead at home. Screw all this touchy freely crap, someone needs to light a fire under Tech's AD and get rid of this BS good game get em next time attitude. We blew a 20 point lead TO GEORGIA ! and y'all are proud...
  6. ToddM

    UGA @ GT game thread

    Guys I am sorry, I am sick of this crap. We were up by 20 I said 20. And we lost, at home. We made a first time starting QB look like the best player in the south, our corners can't play pressure defense to save their lives and somebody on our side always does something wrong at a critical...
  7. ToddM

    A look at UGA

    Oh I agree doggies are good on offense no doubt. But I can't help but wonder how good they would be facing a more defensive oriented conference. Honestly I also wonder where our run defense would be ranked if we played in the SEC, I suspect nowhere near as good. But either way I think we both...
  8. ToddM

    A look at UGA

    The ratings are deceptive in my view. I would never say the doggies offense isn't good but the SEC has shown itself to be a defenseless conference this year with most teams putting up a lot of points, that explains their comparably low defensive rating also . With us The ACC hasn't shown...
  9. ToddM

    Mississippi Valley @ GT

    I am paying attention. We started kinda slow last year and by the time the Miami game came around we were a lot better. I look for a better season this year.
  10. ToddM

    Pedictions for this weekend's game:

    I've had a good feeling all week, now that it's time to put a score on it I am becoming hesitant . Georgia isn't nearly as good as Clemson and had our offense moved the ball any in the 1st quarter and our defense made just one of the plays they had the chance to that would have been a close...
  11. ToddM

    GT Paul Johnson Radio Show 11/25/2013

    Speaking of late hits, this is a rivalry game with SEC officials. The SEC has been a lot more active on these targeting hits, if I know this series like I think I do, we may need to be prepared for a disqualification or two. It's gonna play right into the controversial stuff that happens in...
  12. ToddM

    Bowl projections

    Given a chance the Music City Bowl takes Georgie over us. One thing that should be written into the NCAA by laws is that the bowls have to return to their original names in order to participate. I am so sick of the advertising in every aspect of life.
  13. ToddM

    UGA Defense

    Ga can be beaten on the skinny post, they have been all year, we hit 2-3 long balls we win this game.
  14. ToddM

    QB Production in the Run Game

    That reminded me of how careless DS gets with the ball. If that's ruled a fumble I doubt we come back in that game. Sorry off topic I know
  15. ToddM

    Alabama A&M @ GT Game Thread

    I still am very unhappy with the football IQ demonstrated by some members of this team and the lack of consistency in the blocking. Tech won because they were by far the more athletic team today but there are still issues that popped up, issues that cost us games against equally classed...
  16. ToddM

    QB Production in the Run Game

    I am convinced of two things with Vad, he is concentrating on the option reads so much his head isn't in the game overall and he is trying to deal with the pressure of being a leader and not knowing where the play is. In other words he is thinking to much and it is bothering him because he...
  17. ToddM

    Dayton @ GT thread

    Humm that seems to be the story for Tech sports this year
  18. ToddM

    Film Review - Offense vs Clemson

    Boomer, I ask this because I have been of the opinion that Vad is concentrating so much on the option that he has no clue where his WRs are or what's going on around him, other than the 2 feet directly in front of him. After watching the tape do you get that feeling too or do you simply see it...
  19. ToddM


    If you look at the play Cheese posted you will also notice Bostic, who I think was the Right side A back, drug on a route through the middle of the end zone in the direction Lee was rolling to. He was wide open also. I can't see the WRs but the backside wide out also has to be open. The play...