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  1. potatohead

    Jay Jones has an arm

    What is that, 60-65 yards? 4
  2. potatohead

    CPJ on Jay Jones

    per Kelly Quinlan, CPJ stated that Jay Jones is the fastest and quickest QB he has ever had at Georgia Tech. He said this during the ACC teleconference. Pretty heavy praise from coach.
  3. potatohead

    Bowl game offensive breakdown

    Great breakdown of our offense from a guy on Reddit. He also has a great you tube channel.
  4. potatohead

    Should aj Grey move to linebacker?

    the packers moved Burnett from safety to linebacker and it's seemed to solve their lb issues. Grey seems like a perfect candidate for the same. He's a big hitter...
  5. potatohead

    AJC's preseason Football depth chart Chase Alford ahead of Brant Mitchell? That's odd. Very odd.
  6. potatohead

    National anthem at game

    The big screen provides the words to our anthem. It includes question marks at weird non interrogative lines. Like "home of the brave?" for example That's weird. Go jackets.
  7. potatohead

    Article on why J.Thomas is best QB in ACC

    From a South Carolina paper no less... CLICK HERE The writers makes some good points, all of which I've seen on her and other Tech boards. I'm as big of a fan as Watson as you'll find anywhere, but his hype train seems to be running out of control. It will be interesting if he can stay...
  8. potatohead

    CPJ Extension Details Tech got a helluva good deal on this one. It'll be interesting to see if anything materializes regarding support staff.
  9. potatohead

    Redshirts next year for sophomores

    Do Simmons, Merriweather, or Lewis get redshirted next year for class separation? Simmons looks good out there, but with Whitehead and Freeman holding it down...It'd be great to get some separation down the road. Do we shirt some guys and if so, who?
  10. potatohead

    @Longestdays vines, gifs, etc

    hey man, love what you do post game especially the vines and snippets. Just out of curiosity, what are you seeing so far? I'm really looking forward to some smelter plays. A few come to mind, but he was blowing people away on blocks. A two play sequence, he annihilates Robert smith, next...
  11. potatohead

    I. Johnson

    #1 caught flak early this year but he's come on well. He's one of the few dbs today that seemed to square up and make tackles, he also flew to the ball. Good things to see from him, hope he keeps it up and get his look at the next level.
  12. potatohead

    NCState coach discusses Tech Favorite line: "Doeren said that it is impossible to stimulate the Jackets' offense in practice with a scout team, and there are too many risks to spend three days working on Tech's cut blocking schemes without injuring players." Glad we've...
  13. potatohead

    @gtrecruiting twitter handle

    What happened ? It's been Carolina panthers retweets for days. The panthers suck.
  14. potatohead

    Besides a win, what do you want to see tonight?

    I get it, we'd all take a win against Clemson regardless of style points, but win or loss what do you want to see? I'd love for it to be a very low scoring game. I think that would finally show that our defense has arrived and would set us up relatively well for the UGA showdown. I'd also...
  15. potatohead

    Feeling optimistic

    Two straight games we were within striking distance to close the gap late in the game or failed to seal it when we had the chance. Surely at this point we're going to catch a break. Admittedly, the only BYU game I watched was vs. UVA (which was one of the most unimpressive displays of football...