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  1. DTGT

    Hokie's lunch pail

    So, the Hokie's brought a lunch pail to the ACC Media Days: Did the lunch pail have anything in it? Or was it empty and devoid of substance, like their Natty Case? Well, at least they held Wake...
  2. DTGT

    How efficient is CPJ's Offense? The 2014 team's offense is the most efficient offense of all time. It will remain there until JT breaks it again in 2015 and 2016.
  3. DTGT

    ESPN has lost their mind

    They have Arizona confused with Master Betty:
  4. DTGT

    2 SEC Teams in the Playoffs

    It looks like we are gonna get a 2 SEC team playoff no matter what. What are the implications of that? First, let's take a look at the math. Let me make an assumption that the null hypothesis is correct: "the odds of an SEC team beating a non-SEC power 5 team are exactly 50%". Using win-loss...
  5. DTGT

    New health care plan - $0 deductibles

    Luck Health Plan. You'll be OK, probably.
  6. DTGT

    Spinning off climate change discussion

    Hello straw man! I'll just leave the data on Arctic sea ice area and volume here. The long term trends are very clear. And these don't look good: The science is settled. The only uncertainty is around the amount of damage and how soon.
  7. DTGT

    Remaining Season Prediction Thread Atomic Football projects GT finishing 7-5. As we are already at 5-2, this means that we are expected to go 2-3 in the final 5 games. Please predict the final record and which games you think we win.
  8. DTGT

    ESPN's Playoff Projection - Week 6 Here is their extremely lazy playoff list: 1. FSU 2. Auburn 3. MS State 4. Ole Miss They also have 3 of the top 4 Heisman candidates. Literally HALF the SEC is...
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    To the team before the Miami game

    Don't be weak.
  10. DTGT

    ESPN's Power Rankings are Terribad Of note ranked above GT: Marshall VT UVA ECU Duke Pitt Houston Memphis
  11. DTGT

    Remaining Games

    Atomic Football has us as favorites in all our remaining games except Clempson and uGA. The math still projects an 8-4 finish.
  12. DTGT

    Miami White Out *snip*
  13. DTGT

    What just happened?

    For those of us who tuned out for the off-season this year and just came back to the forums, what just happened? :confused: Looks like we lost almost all of the 2013 class. :jawdrop: What is the tl;dr from this offseason? Depth chart?
  14. DTGT

    Wal-Mart replaces its CEO with company insider

    Link The CEO of the saddest place on earth was forced to resign and will now: How you can be forced to resign due to bribery and NLRB violations, AND still get paid for another year is beyond me... :eek: The point is: I think we can forget about him donating T. Boone Pickens dollars to GT...