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  1. ASURAMS07

    Sam Houston State

    I'm anxious to see this game to see if we play better tonight. I really how CJP play the bench more. I think this is Heath final game on suspension. I hope to see Matthews and Ogbonda more tonight. I really think we should go 10 deep this game. Need to get some reserves some playing time before...
  2. ASURAMS07

    Starting 5 Moving Forward???

    I'm loving this video but it's a telling sign that the starting 5 after Heath suspension will be: Heath, Jackson, Okogie, Stephens and Lammers With that as our starting 5 we will have a chance in a few more games if everyone plays up to their potential. What's your take?
  3. ASURAMS07

    Marcus Georges-Hunt Signs w/Celtics I'm happy for Marcus.
  4. ASURAMS07

    Georgia Southern Placed on Two Year Probation I guess this game just got a little easier.
  5. ASURAMS07

    Just thought I would leave this here...

    If I am one of the players this would get me going for the game this week.