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  1. SecretAgentBuzz

    Rodney immediately eligible

    Yeah, something is up here—I’m not used to seeing so much good news regarding GT basketball. Has the curse lifted? Or is this just a cruel joke that will be negated by no season?
  2. SecretAgentBuzz

    More on the mid-season offensive philosophy change

    Nice article. We all saw the change. I remember watching the Boise State game and seeing guys drive to the basket and much less trying to run our offense through Banks....who, let’s just say, is no Lammers. He didn’t say it, but the truth is that he should have changed it much earlier, even...
  3. SecretAgentBuzz

    Nate Cottrell Signs with the Jags

    Any word on Campbell or Southers? Weren't they the other two at pro day?
  4. SecretAgentBuzz

    Review of the season

    Great write-up, Red! Always look forward to your posts. I agree--the core is there to have a good season next year, but it has been one excuse after another. I'm hoping next year is the year that the excuses go away and we play up to our potential. We could certainly use another 3-point...
  5. SecretAgentBuzz

    Game Thread - Miami, 2/29

    For what it’s worth, I saw what looked like a rejuvenated James Banks against Miami. He got a ton of rebounds just on effort and intensity, even knocking balls out that he couldn’t outright get to, leading to extra possessions. It’s those type of effort plays that have largely been missing...
  6. SecretAgentBuzz

    GT Clemson 2/25 9 pm EST McCamish Pavilion

    Big win and a fun game! Nice to see our guys making big shots at critical moments. Good defense all around!
  7. SecretAgentBuzz

    GT Clemson 2/25 9 pm EST McCamish Pavilion

    I think he means this is a “must win” if we are going to have any chance to play postseason basketball. I hate to say it, but I think our “must wins” were a few weeks ago and now we are playing for fun. Today would be a great day to watch the baseball team play at 4 and then head over to the...
  8. SecretAgentBuzz

    GT @ Wake Forest 2/19/20

    FWIW, he was in the tunnel for the last 10 minutes of the second half. Maybe there is an injury nagging him?
  9. SecretAgentBuzz

    GT @ Wake Forest 2/19/20

    51 actually....and probably only about 30 were actually fouls.
  10. SecretAgentBuzz

    GT @ Wake Forest 2/19/20

    Back from the game! What a fun game. The refs were horrible. I actually like our new and improved dribble and drive offense. Wake came back and finally got the crowd into it in the second half but Devoe and Alvarado calmed stepped on the gas and blew them away. After that, the only left for...
  11. SecretAgentBuzz

    GT @ Wake Forest 2/19/20

    Yeah, the officiating is pretty horrible, but we expected that, right? Not a bad first half. Feels like we should be up more, as we let them sneak back a bit after Devoe went out.
  12. SecretAgentBuzz

    GT @ Wake Forest 2/19/20

    We will either win or lose by 20 or less. :ROFLMAO: GT has the advantage on the inside, but Wake has a lot more depth—they play 8 or 9. Staying out of foul trouble and getting some quality minutes from the bench will be important.
  13. SecretAgentBuzz

    GT @ Wake Forest 2/19/20

    After a upset victory over Louisville and a week off, GT is back at it against Wake Forest in Winston-Salem. Wake Forest is favored by 1.5 which basically means nobody has any idea who will win this game but the slight edge will go to the home team. Both of these teams are “Dr Jekyll and Mr...
  14. SecretAgentBuzz

    So what is success against Morehouse?

    a victory by 1 point or more. I don't take anything for granted anymore.
  15. SecretAgentBuzz

    So on to NCSU ...

    Thank you, JOSE ALVARADO! Nice to get back in the win column. Can we keep it up? (to be honest, I thought the steal with 8 seconds left was going to be called as a foul. he fought for it and took it, and I think it was a legit steal, but the refs often call that a foul and it would not have...
  16. SecretAgentBuzz

    Jordan Mason Highlights

    I realized a few things in this video: 1. Mason is a good running back, with good vision and toughness, along with a nice ability to cutback. 2. Our offense really missed J. Lee on the inside and J. Camp blocking on the outside. Those guys could hold their blocks really well. Glad they are...
  17. SecretAgentBuzz

    PFF College Offensive Line Ranking

    I knew we were bad....but 130? Wow! Can you imagine if we would have had even a decent line, like say Eastern Michigan at 63? I guess we know where we need to get better. Hopefully, we will see significant improvement over the next year or two, or we will continue to struggle to beat even...
  18. SecretAgentBuzz

    Game Thread - @ FSU, 12/31/2019

    The game was there for the taking. MJ Walker and their big freshman were both on the bench. We had a chance. We blew it. We couldn't make shots and we couldn't hold on to the ball. Moses has certainly gotten better but he should never put the ball on the floor. Alvarado may have been sick...