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  1. jzgt22

    Which QB finishes against Clemson

    Liam Byrne cuz we kilt um...
  2. jzgt22

    Josh Nesbitt article Nice article on the warrior.
  3. jzgt22

    2020 Offseason Thread

    I believe he was part of flunkgate. Only listed as a member of the team for the 2002 season.
  4. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update

    Nice write up on DJ White
  5. jzgt22

    We lost a true Jacket fan this week ...

    What a beautiful tribute to your father. You honor him. My prayers are with you and your family.
  6. jzgt22

    Lou Young Comedy

    Cornerback 2010-2013
  7. jzgt22

    Lucas Johnson Entering Transfer Portal

    Great representative of the program and always so well spoken. He'll do well. Best of luck young man!
  8. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update

    Keshun Freeman and TJ Barnes both taken in the XFL draft! Best of luck to both of them!
  9. jzgt22

    Turnover Cruzer

    Or a super sized order of fries...
  10. jzgt22

    Official MBS Announcement: 5 Games over 5 Years

    GT students attend football games?
  11. jzgt22

    Parker Braun transferring

    Reminds me of Trey Klock. Got his GT degree and went on to Northwestern to get his MBA. I've been told, use what you've got to get what you want. Both young men used their athletic ability to get a top flight education from the institute and owe us nothing as fans. It sucks from our perspective...
  12. jzgt22

    Supporting John

    May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand and grant you peace.
  13. jzgt22

    Coach Paul Johnson Appreciation Thread

    I'll miss sitting in the north stands watching his offense work. It is a thing of beauty when executed properly. Thanks for more great saturdays in the fall than bad ones! Enjoy retirement PJ!
  14. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update

    Shaq's getting Paid!!!!
  15. jzgt22

    Roster on

    Yes, he retired back in March/April IIRC
  16. jzgt22

    Adam Gotsis arrested DA drops rape case against Gotsis
  17. jzgt22

    Adam Gotsis arrested

    Atlanta PD
  18. jzgt22

    Question about the New Defense

    I often wondered why we didn't start with the simple defense as it often proved far more effective than what we previously ran.
  19. jzgt22

    OT - Jack DeFoor (@jackdefoor54) Ruled Eligible

    He's already enrolled.
  20. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update Harrison Butker makes Gil Brandt's All Rookie team