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  1. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Person who scored the touchdown is pictured and the rest of the unit is listed in the photo.
  2. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Sims and Yates are practicing with jrs and srs according to the player list in the pictures.
  3. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Probably reading to much into the lineups, but it seems Sims and Yates are getting reps with the probable ATL starters.
  4. Uni combo

  5. Uni combo

    Thought we had a chance to win this game. Guess we don’t want to.
  6. The Official 2019 Adidas Swag Thread

    Think adidas will make the shirt coach is wearing available at some point?
  7. He did again today in the PC

    I believe similar observations/assessments were made prior to the 2014 season. Oline had some solid players but depth was an issue. Most thought Thomas was a good athlete but did not have a complete grasp of the offense. The ACC coastal is down. I really think PJ would have had a good Season.
  8. 1230 RSN for @Duke

  9. Game 4 Roster Updates - ATL and Captains

    Yes and they list what position they played.
  10. Playstation vue

  11. UNC 4pm Kickoff on ACCN currently has it at 82/59 mostly sunny. Slight breeze. Perfect.
  12. Playstation vue

    Hulu is the only streaming service that I know has cbssn. You can signup for a free trial(can’t remember if it was a week or month) to watch the game then cancel it.
  13. Temple & North Carolina

    I think the accn had 11am starts the first couple of weeks in order to fit 4 games in a day and promote the launch of the network. They should be using the standard 12, 330, 730 start times now.
  14. Temple kickoff at 3:30 (CBSSN)

    Hulu has CBSSN. You can signup for the free trial and cancel it after the game.
  15. A history lesson

    Iirc, Lucas only came in for first play of the final drive to give Oliver time to catch his breath then Oliver came in to finish it. Oliver played the first two plays of overtime then Pnode decided to bring in Lucas to call the drop back and sack play.
  16. A history lesson

  17. A history lesson

    Ralph was coaching big boy football in his mid 30s. Patenope is finally coaching power 5 at 50, and that is mainly due to being the safe play for Geoff Collins. If he was an even decent OC, how was his first G5 job two years ago. If the offense continues to be this inept, dump Patenaude. George...
  18. Gold Uniforms are here!

    Bringing back the urine colored gold I see.
  19. James Graham is the future

    The d he’s going up against is first team for everyone else we play against except maybe georgie and a few other teams star players (e.g. Quatermain for daU).