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  1. Lady Jackets 2020 Softball Thread

    I'm somewhat disappointed with the lack of hitting and we're giving up way too many walks. Hopefully they can get it turned around.
  2. GT @ Wake Forest 2/19/20

    It's gotten ridiculous. Any day now I expect him to start complaining about Dennis Scott and Kenny Anderson leaving early. Let it go Josh! If you had recruited better Okogie would be a distant memory.
  3. GT @ Wake Forest 2/19/20

    Nice win! Thought we were toast when Banks then Moses fouled out. Kudos to Cole for making plays down the stretch in the middle.
  4. Acc releasing schedule today

    Worst case 3-9 after a 1-4 start Likely 4-8 Possible 5-7 Miracle 6-6 plus a minor bowl game I expect us to play people closer than this past year. Potential blowout losses to Clemson, ND and ugag. Playing any of those guys close would be a good sign. I would be disappointed if we have any...
  5. Pastner vs Crean

    One of the more infuriating things about this board and those in our fanbase who feel this way.
  6. Coaching Carousel 5 - You have to look through the rain to see the rainbow

    This is not a tournament team and never was going to be a tournament team. College basketball is about guard play. You need 3 things from your guards. 1. The ability to shoot well. 2. Don't turn the ball over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Have the ability to create your own shot and if not...
  7. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    There is nothing original about ugag. Their logo, their fight song etc... etc... now this crap. They don't have two brain cells they can rub together in Athens to come up with anything their own. Tech people should relentlessly call them out on social media for this ****. Even that loser...
  8. Jose out until 12/31

    Lol. I'm not real sure we're not still "dumpster fire bit"
  9. The Coming Super Conference

    Ha. Herschel Walker was one of the highest paid players in college football in the early 80's. Which one of his personality's said this?
  10. 54, 60, 48, 44, 51

    I generally agree with this however when you throw in a few intangibles like new offensive scheme and an inordinate number of season ending injuries at already thin areas of the team (and a death at the thinnest area of the team) it's easy to see being under your 3.6 wins vs power 5 teams...
  11. Georgia Postgame

    I assume that means he is now eligible since he was forced to sit out this year. I've heard good things about him from some in the know. Sounds like he should definitely help us next year.
  12. Season in review.

    Gailey got beat 51-7 in his first year against ugag with a helluva lot more talent than what we have now and lasted another 7 years never beating ugay. Barring NCAA sanctions, us getting blown out by them next year isn't getting Collins fired.
  13. Georgia Postgame

  14. Bulovas choked

    Bulovas screwed Tech and now he's screwed Bama in the Iron Bowl and also cost them a great shot at sneaking into the playoff. Karma is a *****!!!
  15. Game 12 COFH Above the Line Chart

    I agree. Next time one of our resident whiny trolls starts ripping apart the coaches and the team they need to be referred to that depth chart. Count the underclassmen then count the walk ons. Finally look at the size (or lack there of) of many of our players. But, but "CGC is a snake oil...
  16. Georgia vs. Georgia Tech Predictions #UGAvsGT

    ugag 57 Tech 20 Sickening to think about however I did have a dream last night that we won 20-17 so there's that.
  17. When you KNEW you hated UGag

    About the time I exited the womb.
  18. NC State Postgame

    Good win for our guys. Hopefully we can hold ugag under 50 and then move onto recruiting and improving this roster.
  19. New WBB Coach: Nell Fortner

    Sure is nice to be better than ugag and GA St. in basketball. Even if it's girls basketball. Maybe Nell gets it. Run it up on their asses every chance you get.