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  1. The Citadel Postgame

    This game should’ve never been close let alone lose it, a friend of mine from Charleston just called trying to figure out what happened and trying to figure out how we lost
  2. Bowl game Uni.... some will need a suicide watch

    You think a coach that puts twitter handles on players uniforms will care about you complaining about blue uniforms, talk about someone lost in the sauce lol
  3. Louisville Post Game

    I expect us to win out as long as we play like we did last night
  4. Clemson postgame

    That’s not counting how many he missed, I mean is just FUBAR but I’m still hipgoing by for a bowl at least
  5. GT Football

    WOW GT Football is getting destroyed due to poor coaching by CPJ hopefully JT can save this game
  6. Justin?

    Justin has had a down year and it's evident in his play in this game, he has gifted the opponents easy points all year round. I'm still a huge fan but I think he's nursing an injury or something.
  7. Byerly to Bback

    It's funny how the backup QB is the most famous player on a team where the starting QB went 11-3 last year with an orange bowl win, but only at GT I guess
  8. Butt Hurt - MSU style

  9. Transfers

    lmao that's funny
  10. Officiating

    Believe it or not but that no fumble call made me realize that even the referees were against us and I relaxed because I knew nothing could stop us last night just like it couldn't stop us in Athens with those bull**** calls from the refs
  11. Nice work by Ken

    he's projected as a center at the next level on ESPN mock draft by position
  12. I certainly hope that's the last we hear about …

    My prediction of winning after back to back losses looks really good doesn't it. THWG unto to Fla St
  13. UGA-predictions

    GT45 UGA24
  14. GT - Nc State Post game thread

    after back to back losses I predicted a 5-0 run and I still believe in my prediction. #BeatClemson
  15. I hate Duke

    If we win out and duke wins out I think we end up in the orange bowl which isn't bad especially for a team picked to finish 5th in our division
  16. Let's not have a ghost town after a win, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease....

    I predicted that we would win out after the 2 loses and my prediction is looking pretty good right now especially with the way the team is playing.
  17. Speed, Moves, and Blocking

    This has to be the best backfield in Tech history, Thomas Laskey, Days, Perkins, Hill, Zenon, Snoddy, who else am I missing.
  18. It's Gameday!!

    its about to be blowout
  19. We win out

    wont be shocked if we beat both Georgia and Clemson since this season so far looks like a season of ending losing streaks