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  1. pinglett

    Devin Cochran choosing to not enroll

    Spain is having a second wave.
  2. pinglett

    2020 Freshman Jersey Numbers (Includes a Single Digit)

    Some of them are at the same position....almost like they know who will be scout team?
  3. pinglett

    2020 Freshman Jersey Numbers (Includes a Single Digit)

    What's the deal with all the multiple numbers?
  4. pinglett

    Tyler Davis Drafted

    And based on when they took him (they easily could have waited and gotten him UDFA), they were evidently scared someone else would get him first.
  5. pinglett

    Tyler Davis Drafted WHAT IT MEANS: It's another potential pass catcher for quarterback Gardner Minshew, whose team adds a tight end in Davis in addition to the two wide receivers already picked this draft. Davis...
  6. pinglett

    Tyler Davis Drafted

    #206 overall
  7. pinglett

    Tyler Davis Drafted

    By the Jags in round 6, pick 27. Wish him the best. Hope he does well.
  8. pinglett

    Mark Richt at GT

  9. pinglett

    Spring Practice Thread

    Thacker with the scented candles.....
  10. pinglett

    ProJackets Update

    Gotsis back in action: It has been a while since we saw Gotsis on the field, but he played a really sound game. He wasn’t out there often, but he made his presence felt against the run...
  11. pinglett

    ProJackets Update

    DJ White to the Cowboys:
  12. pinglett

    Game 8: Pittsburgh Week Media #PITTvsGT

    Love the new background!
  13. pinglett

    Taking my son to his 1st game!

    Of course be sure to teach him the Ramblin Wreck, and how to pump your arm to the 'Go Jackets' at the end. Then if you stay through the 4th qtr, show him how to do the up downs to the Budweiser song.
  14. pinglett

    Tobias Oliver to WR - PER AJC REPORT

    I think it will be a good move for him if he wants to play at the next level.
  15. pinglett

    ProJackets Update

    Sneezy picked up by the Broncos:
  16. pinglett

    ProJackets Update

    DJ White signed with Falcons:
  17. pinglett

    Positive Note: Cape Day?

    Totally agree. Pleasantly surprised. Best gold I have seen in awhile.