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  1. D-man44

    Georgia Tech All-Time basketball team

    Price in today’s game would have been similar to Trae young but a better shooter. Give me him all day.
  2. D-man44

    Kyle Sturdivant Immediately Eligible

    A lot of guard depth
  3. D-man44

    Projected Starting Lineup

    If Ivey can get to the 240 range watch out
  4. D-man44

    So When Will Practice Start Again??

    Jared Ivey needed it! He can finally stop wearing those gross NG colors and logo.
  5. D-man44

    Kelton Dawson Enters Transfer Portal

    Ivey is the best pure pass rush prospect on the flats since who Attaochu?
  6. D-man44

    NCAA Tournament & COVID-19

    Mark Price being a 9 seed vs 8 seed Shane Larkin??? Is wild
  7. D-man44

    Spring Preview: Quarterbacks

    North Carolina, Arizona State, and Auburn started true freshman at QB last year lol. Fromm started almost every game as a freshman. I don't think starting freshman especially that early enroll is some death wish.
  8. D-man44

    Chan Gailey

    Didn’t see this anywhere here yet.
  9. D-man44

    Alcohol Sales

    What do you think all the fraternity students at Tech you walk by are 21 lmao. Lots of colleges have sold alcohol before the SEC passed their rule what makes you think the SEC changes this.
  10. D-man44

    Roster Updates - ATL and Captains #USFvsGT

    Only 5 starting seniors. That usually doesn't translate to much winning.
  11. D-man44

    Clemson Postgame

    My roommate is a Clemson fan and said that he thinks Tech did everything they could without a QB. He thinks the GT defense will be very good in a few years and the offense is tough to judge until they get some of their guys in especially at QB. Clemson fans seem to have been somewhat impressed...
  12. D-man44

    ProJackets Update

    Looks like he is going to be the starting TE for the Raiders!
  13. D-man44

    404 Branding

    Mark Teixeira is at the braves game and was just interviewed wearing the Waffle House GT 404 hat
  14. D-man44

    NCAA violations found at GT

    But Mike Devoe! #smallvictories
  15. D-man44

    Okogie to the T-Wolves at #20 overall

    I can’t be mad at him he clearly made the right decision. His offence is a work in progress but advanced stats say he’s already an average defender which is big for a rookie taken 20th.
  16. D-man44

    Hardy Gone

    I agree overrated by 24/7 but I might rather have him than DD he has been even worse in the states.
  17. D-man44

    Use of Animal Macsots

    we should do this lmaoooo