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  1. Justin Thomas Career Highlights

    Justin Thomas had the perfect combination of crazy on-field swag while also being super humble on and off the field.
  2. Former Georgia Tech DB Ajani Kerr joins Tulane

    Seems like we've seen a number of our transfers/early departures end up in good situations recently. Mills, Lucas Johnson, Dotson, Kerr off the top of my head.
  3. James Graham 2019 Highlights

    To steal a line from Pastner, our QB room needs to get old and stay old. I’ll be pretty disappointed if we have to burn Gleason and/or Sims’ redshirts this season because that means Yates and/or Graham didn’t improve enough.
  4. CGC on 929 this morning

    Former Clemson players on Twitter saying Dabo discouraged his players from joining an on-campus peaceful sit-in to “limit distractions.” Also, multiple former players claiming a Clemson Assistant Coach called a player the n-word during practice and there was no team apology.
  5. Christian Malloy has Entered the Transfer Portal

    For the record, Marcus Marshall was on the Chiefs until about a week ago.
  6. Darren Waller Drunk and High on Sidelines vs Wofford 2014

    The speculation and guessing here is ridiculous, from people who don’t even know the man. I knew him then, he’s not exaggerating.
  7. Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    Yeah, and a basketball player more than a cross-country runner.
  8. Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    Let's think about just his jersey revenue. A quick Google search shows his official #1 Adidas jersey at bookstore is $120. Let's say they sell 5 of those a day. Juanyeh's been on campus for 2 years (730 days). 730 days * 5 * $120 = $438,000.
  9. Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    I’m confused why people are bringing up non student-athletes who are struggling and who’s families are struggling. Yes, this is a larger population than student-athletes. But the whole point is that student-athletes generates significantly more revenue for the school than the struggling non...
  10. All Decade Team voting, link in 1st comment

    No way Stewart over Jeune. Stewart was solid, but he didn’t have near the impact Jeune did. Stewart had some clutch catches but also had some drops that really cost us (Miami in 2017 comes to mind).
  11. All Decade Team voting, link in 1st comment

    Uzzi was better than Braun
  12. My first post: Crootin'

    Was just about to post this. People thinking Top 25 classes will lead to us being the Coastal favorite aren’t paying attention to what Mack Brown Is doing at UNC.
  13. ProJackets Update

    First thing I pulled up in a quick search. These types of comments. Just saying I see this sentiment more than “legit NFL talent was the main reason for 2014’s success”.
  14. ProJackets Update

    Definitely seen multiple posters say that we didn’t have stars/tons of talent on that team. Don’t make my post anything more than it was. I was just trying to give credit to the talent on the 2014 team, when normally people refer to that team as less talented than 08 and 09. That’s all. If you...
  15. ProJackets Update

    Not sure where to put this, but it’s frustrating when people say our 2014 team didn’t have talent. Five years later: Top 5 TE in the NFL Top 5 Kicker in the NFL Top 10 Guard in the NFL Two CBs in the NFL (DJ White and Chris Milton still sticking around) One DL in the NFL Thats 5 of our 22...
  16. It’s Yates Time...period

    I disagree here. If he’s only marginally better than Graham, then you don’t burn his redshirt this year with the OL issues we have. Yates could be better than Graham but not better enough where it was worth it to burn his redshirt. Yates wasn’t winning is any games that Graham lost.
  17. Game Thread - Elon, 11/11/2019

    Hewitt has to take more of the blame than Shump for that. In what galaxy should a sophomore guard be allowed to dictate who runs the offense?
  18. Virginia Tech Postgame

    Except faster and with more velocity
  19. Game Thread - Elon, 11/11/2019

    Already better than Shumpert? Shumpert was one of the top defensive guards in the country at his peak. Moore is on track for sure.