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  1. CuseJacket

    Cremins on Packer & Durham

    Great line-up today on the GT takeover with Texeira, Hamilton and CBC
  2. CuseJacket

    Texeira on Packer & Durham

    Great interview
  3. CuseJacket

    Djimon Brooks Earns Scholarship and Single-Digit Number
  4. CuseJacket

    Day in the Life: Georgia Tech Football - Return from Quarantine

    Cool 7 minute video from Jordan Yates
  5. CuseJacket

    2020-21 Season Preview from CJP

    Some Tech Talks, some Packer & Durham
  6. CuseJacket

    [email protected] swag

    Love the GT brand cameos in this commercial too
  7. CuseJacket

    ESPN: Bill Connelly's ACC Coastal season preview

    QBs put North Carolina, Miami and Virginia Tech ahead of pack 2020 projection: 4-8 (3-5), 58th Five best returning players: RB Jordan Mason, S Juanyeh...
  8. Techster

    Swofford to Retire in June 2021

    Big news in ACC country:
  9. CuseJacket

    R-FR DL Mike Lockhart Offseason Gain

    R-FR DL Michael Lockhart
  10. CuseJacket

    TONIGHT: Celebrate 1990 Win at No. 1 UVA via YouTube LIVE LINKS 7 p.m. ET – ACC YouTube: Georgia Tech at No. 1 Virginia, Nov. 3, 1990 9:45 p.m. ET – Georgia Tech Athletics YouTube: Live After-Show, featuring Marco Coleman, Scott Sisson, Calvin Tiggle and Todd...
  11. CuseJacket

    The 10 toughest losses in FSU football history (Nos. 6-10)

    Georgia Tech prominently on this list from Warchant (Rivals)
  12. CuseJacket

    More on the mid-season offensive philosophy change

    Enjoyed this article from Demetra and the quotes from Pastner
  13. CuseJacket

    Tech Talks

    First episode is with Tre Swilling
  14. CuseJacket

    Caesars Over/Under Win Totals for 2020

    Jackets are projected to win 3 games this season, the fewest in the ACC.
  15. CuseJacket

    On this day in 2004...

    Will Bynum. Iso. Ballgame. #TogetherWeSwarm
  16. CuseJacket

    So you're saying there's a chance...

    2019 ACC Championship odds were released, and Georgia Tech comes in last place at 250 to 1. (Odds of COVID-19 destroying this season not included)
  17. CuseJacket

    Toddcast - March 2020 Edition

    Direct link:
  18. CuseJacket

    Sugiura: A year after his death, remembering the light of Brandon Adams

    Great article by Ken
  19. CuseJacket

    Why an acclaimed Georgia Tech professor is barred from her COVID-19 research

    Interesting story. Figured this might deserve its own thread, given the GT connection.