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  1. 70Jacket

    Not a Chop Block

    This defensive strategy is the cause for probably 90% or more of the interior chop block flags, GSU is well versed on drawing this flag. The center has to clear the DT quicker or audible the blocking assignment. I've seen this flag thrown even when the DT rides the center down the line and the...
  2. 70Jacket

    I am Gonna Say Devine Pancakes Some People Saturday

    It's national Pancake/Waffle week at Waffle House, let Gt Oline feast!
  3. 70Jacket

    Player Attrition Under CPJ

    Some additional information as I understand it: Medical: Bowen Lownowski Burnett- not NFL Graduated with eligibility: Bennett Blackwood Smith Gilbert Jasper Yandell Graduated: Anyaibe Don't know if graduating and transferring has any negative impact on APR. Be interesting to see this...
  4. 70Jacket

    The good, the bad, and the ugly...

    Hopefully Gotsis and Neally were both just amped-up and will settle down this week.
  5. 70Jacket

    Did CPJ grab a coach on the sideline ala Tuberville?

    Looked like CPJ was going for the throat then held up at the last minute, Rycchleski was definitely backing up in defense of himself.
  6. 70Jacket

    Days over Laskey?

    I like Laskey's north south style and toughness, Days dances to much for the BB position.
  7. 70Jacket

    Injuries other than Johnson?

    At first I thought the hit should have flagged for targeting also, but after reviewing it I have to say it was a good hard hit, shoulder to chest.
  8. 70Jacket

    2 More Years Probation?

    How does terminating a coach and self reporting a violation trigger an investigation into basketball? WTF- there is more to this mess and we will probably never know the truth! DRad and his leadership has resulted him pocketing a nice pile of cash and GT swimming in his sh&$ !!!
  9. 70Jacket

    Fan Day

    All these Bobinski sightings sound a lot like Burdell- anyone got pics of this guy?
  10. 70Jacket

    Whitehead update

    A few good men can accomplish great things- keep sawing the wood!
  11. 70Jacket

    Whitehead update

    hahaha- I'm laughing so not to be crying!
  12. 70Jacket

    Whitehead update

    Anybody seen an over/under on going for it on 4th down? How about over/under on punts per game? CPJ hopefully is building a strategy to protect the defense, TD, TD, TD.....
  13. 70Jacket

    Chase Roberts Update

    Thanks for the link. I'm sure this particular question has been hashed over in the past. It appears, on the surface, that AA's are secondary coverage and only engage after parental coverage is exhausted; out standing medical balances would then be a parental or player obligation unless the...
  14. 70Jacket

    Chase Roberts Update

    Chase is a solid young man with a great future ahead of him. I have a question for the experts in the forum. Say Chase has complications from this injury after he's left Gt, does he receive any assistance dealing with said complications or is he on his on? I assume his medical bills were claimed...
  15. 70Jacket

    If you could only go to one home game in 2014

    Hands down no doubt about it- Clems-OOOn and the fighting Dabo's!
  16. 70Jacket

    What just happened?

    ding,ding,ding,ding- you said it much more graciously than I!
  17. 70Jacket

    Kickoff Meetings in Greensboro July 20-21

    Hope to see great improvement in Roof's second season!
  18. 70Jacket

    Morgan Bailey officially not returning

    Interesting there was no mention of a transfer back in January, the article I remember implied Morgan was going to graduate and move on in to a career. Can you tell why he wasn't happy at tech, have anything to do with coach thinking he wasn't injured. I gotta agree with cheese on this one...
  19. 70Jacket

    Louisville officially joins ACC today

    Nice conference. I would like to see GT schedule BC more often; that would be a nice October trip!
  20. 70Jacket

    ESPN Q&A with Georgia Tech OL Shaq Mason

    OL carry lunch boxes and work as directed.