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  1. Mitch Matthews

    Uniform thread

    And the throwbacks would be ahead of 2008 but behind 2013-2014
  2. Mitch Matthews

    Uniform thread

    Hmmm. I'll put them behind 2008 ahead of 2011.
  3. Mitch Matthews

    Uniform thread

    Best ones in order: 1. 2009 2. 2013-2014 3. 2008 4. 2011 5. 2010 6. 2012
  4. Mitch Matthews

    Uniform thread

    I think we should keep them too. Get some uniforms that are synonymous with the CPJ era instead of changing up every year hahaha
  5. Mitch Matthews

    Young Georgia Tech fan sends team letter about hating UGA

    Put her on the campus to cheer the brave and bold like her mama used to do!
  6. Mitch Matthews

    Crowd Noise vs Miami

    Loudest I have ever heard BDS
  7. Mitch Matthews

    Duke/Miami - Who to root for as GT?

    All I want is corn elder to be dominated in a tech W.
  8. Mitch Matthews

    Duke/Miami - Who to root for as GT?

    Pulling for miami as well. That makes things easier for GT
  9. Mitch Matthews

    JT - The Leader

    He is so much better than vad it's unreal. The best thing that happened to tech, vad, and Justin is vad transferring. If we still had vad we'd be 2-2
  10. Mitch Matthews

    What would your VT game plan be?

    Should be a shootout
  11. Mitch Matthews

    Visiting Crowd on Saturday

    There had to have been 15k GSU there
  12. Mitch Matthews

    Coach Larry Campbell retires

    Larry Campbell stadium!
  13. Mitch Matthews

    Coach Larry Campbell retires

    Oh yes. He has done a lot for us in 40+ years of coaching.
  14. Mitch Matthews

    Coach Larry Campbell retires

    We are having Larry Campbell appreciation night on Friday at 8pm at the field, I will tell you guys on Friday night why ;) but special guests include the governor and ray goff
  15. Mitch Matthews

    Peanuts in Coke

    I wanna try but haven't had the chance lol
  16. Mitch Matthews

    2014 uniforms

    They didn't wear the ones last year to media days that they wore that season.
  17. Mitch Matthews

    Myles Autry

    He put on Instagram that he is reporting this month.
  18. Mitch Matthews

    Myles Autry

    He will be eligible.
  19. Mitch Matthews

    Coastal Carolina's Joe Moglia

    Ok just be quiet lol we are in no need of a replacement at the time