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  1. Georgia Tech @ Tennessee

    WHeres Evan Cole?
  2. Let's compare coaches, just for fun !

    CPJs buyout is $2M after this year.
  3. Congrats to Coach Rio

    I’m sure that wedding gift From coach H was NICE!
  4. Josh Okogie to hire agent and stay in NBA Draft

    Funny how you blame the kid for bettering himself rather than the coaching staff for poorly recruiting. Hilarious
  5. CPJ gets big payday due to high APR

    Based on APR goals, Arizona State AD got a $350k bonus...
  6. Honeycomb Helmets for Sale
  7. Honeycomb Helmets for Sale

    I plan to buy a signed Kenny Anderson jersey, BeBe signed football, Calvin Johnson signed poster, Bobby Ross signed 8x10, all for less than $1000 in the coming weeks. Helmet seems overpriced when comparing to other GREAT options on the market.
  8. Allow me to Play Devils Advocate...

    GT fans and their defeatist attitude. I'll check back in after the Miami game. I know most of you like to play UVA and Duke and feel better about victorys. Perhaps many of you should become Bama fans and eliminate all of your fears of losing. This GT team has shown you absolutely nothing that...
  9. When will GT break into the top 25?

    Let's be clear Maryland lost their starting QB at the end of the Texas game. Hat was a different team. UCF would not beat us.
  10. Film Room The Summer Push QB Runs Spring Game

    Is there a GiF of LJs run during the spring game. Wanted to show someone.
  11. Scrimmage update

    90 plays no injuries!
  12. Scrimmage update

    Thanks @BigDaddyBuzz but I would assume with scout teams, PJ is naming a starter internally in 1 week. Is that not the likely after a Saturday scrimmage next weekend?
  13. QB battle

    TM made a clean pitch to Jarrett I think
  14. Scrimmage update

    I don't have to be at practice to make an educated guess. For example Jerry Howard will be the #2. Sometimes a days sample size is enough to see talent soar. TM played well in the spring. Matt Jordan looks the same as the VT game. I posted my thoughts as I know it's a burning topic and your...
  15. Scrimmage update

    Branch sacked him and hurt his shoulder. He came back out for another series but me thinks he's done in this race IMO. But because he keeps too much he takes some punishing blows. On one play he got hit by 3 defenders and knocked his concussion buffer slam off his head.
  16. Scrimmage update

    Way too many redshirts to guess who that was
  17. Scrimmage update

    Would love to get @ibeeballins take
  18. Scrimmage update

    I know everyone wants the backup QB. But the truth is, Matt Jordan is 3rd string at best. He's a great kid and a warrior but he just doesn't have the tools to lead us down the tunnel come Labor Day weekend. TaQuon has taken a strangle hold on the #1 spot and it's not because Matt played...
  19. 2017-2018 Georgia Tech Hype Video

    "Migos" that are not fully Mexican...
  20. Tennessee First Practice

    Subtle point. But I like the music in practice. Every time I've been out to watch GT you hear kids getting each other pumped but this helps. Also think recruits get excited about that culture