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  1. Legitimate observation/question

    Might be the difference between a player's perspective and a staff perspective.
  2. Legitimate observation/question

    I think the "unsuitable players" mantra far overblown. There is no reason in the work we should have lost to Citadel and got steamrolled by VT.
  3. Legitimate observation/question

    I think it is two different groups....there is the group that thinks the personnel were not all that bad and the new regime should have been able to adapt to be competitive......then there are the idol worshipers who insist we must wait 6-8 years for results.
  4. Legitimate observation/question

    Me as well.
  5. Legitimate observation/question

    I had spoken at length to a West Point player / recent grad the summer if '18. It was apparently generally accepted and anticipated that Monken would go after the Tech job when CPJ retired.
  6. Legitimate observation/question

    The "transition" did not need to be made, and certainly not in the manner it which it is taking place. And accepting multiple losing seasons simply to return to the status quo......which is what will beyond asinine and will likely do long lasting damage.
  7. Legitimate observation/question

    So am I ....and it is not like TStan did a major search. It appears he took the first one that said "Pick me pick me"
  8. Poll - What is a reasonable amount of time for Collins to be given?

    Are you seriously saying we should compare Tech's academics to Temple's?
  9. Bottom 25 (GT fell up to #13 amid tumultuous week) 11-19-19

    That is just @RyanS12 gambling his house, car, and kids college fund. :LOL:
  10. Legitimate observation/question

    If this is really what the AD finds acceptable.....he needs to get canned immediately. No one in their right might should consider 4-8 years of bad teams is acceptable in today's college football environment.
  11. Poll - What is a reasonable amount of time for Collins to be given?

    Tech is hardly lacking in quality applicants......the ones higher won't likely have much concern about the sports programs either. As for more depends on the bubble you live in. Academics live in one far from the sports bubble, everything from the journals to the job market are...
  12. Game 11: NC State Week Media #NCSUvsGT

    But but but....he really wanted the job.:rolleyes:
  13. Legitimate observation/question

    Koolaid or whiskey? That will determine the answer to first part. :D
  14. Weird, gross, and bad food choices

    Michigan......we are quite backwards here.:banghead:
  15. Weird, gross, and bad food choices

    White Castle is best at 2 am when the bars close. :whistle:
  16. Ford introduces all-electric Mustang Mach E

    They already ruined the brand with the Mustang II
  17. Remembering the nonshutout streak

    @Supersizethatorder-mutt probably was, he would have been middle aged then. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  18. Poll - What is a reasonable amount of time for Collins to be given?

    That the 2% was not worth the cost of the chase.