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  1. Squints

    NCAA Baseball Tournament

    That's what happens when you take a sport filled with randomness and boil it down to a handful of games. Tournament baseball is super fun but the results are not typically indicative of who the best overall team is.
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    NCAA Baseball Tournament

    It really does suck. 4 out of the last 5 times we've haven't hosted we've gone to #1 seed's regional twice (Florida both times), the #2 seed once, and now the #4 seed (both Vanderbilt). Has definitely played a role in our tournament struggles. It's harder to upset the host when the host is a...
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    Nashville Regional - Vandy, Ga Tech, Indiana St, Presbyterian

    This is going to be the popular narrative but that's overly simplistic. It was a combination of things as it always is. Grissom wasn't great. He wasn't missing any bats and gave up too many free base runners and the offense struck out 15 times and only had 7 baserunners in 9 innings. A bunch...
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    ACC Tournament 2021

    Maddux being a soft tosser his whole career is apocryphal nonsense. He threw in the low 90s in the prime of his career.
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    ACC Tournament 2021

    Sorry to tell you and the other guys this but Varitek was first eligible for the hall of fame in 2016. He got 2 votes or 0.5% of the total number of electors. You need 70% to get in and 5% to stay on the ballot for another year. So he had his shot and didn't make it. Rightfully so imo. He had...
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    ACC Tournament 2021

    Keep in mind that part of the reason that game isn't important for us is because the team had a strong regular season. If we were on the NCAA bubble we would absolutely be treating this game differently. For Clemson that game was very important. The team "earned" that game's irrelevance.
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    GT vs UNC; I'll take the Coastal for $500 Alex

    Did I miss something that would have prompted something like that to happen?
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    Clemson Tigers Series...Neuter the Tigers!

    I don't think it's that strange. Semester just finished and he thinks he has the talent to be a starting catcher somewhere. He's probably right and if he stays he's never going to get the bulk of playing time over Parada and we have a lot of 1B and DH options already.
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    Jamie Foxx at GT

    Shocking to me that the guy who posted the following comment in another thread: Would go on to play the victim in another thread where convenient. Absolutely shocking. /s
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    Pressley Harvin Positive NFL Draft Article

    I'm not sure who you're thinking because this isn't right. They drafted Bradley Pinion in the 5th round of the 2015 draft and he was the team's punter for four years and was solid. They let him walk in free agency because they didn't want to pay him and drafted Mitch Wishnowsky in the 4th...
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    2021 ACC Baseball

    AFAIK every sport that doesn't use a point system for its standings uses winning percentage to determine the order of its participants.
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    Ga State (Away) - Tuesday

    Sounds like quite an experience if you were to be in attendance.
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    2021 Baseball Season

    This is a bummer. Kid had 14 Ks and no walks in 8 innings. Had the potential to be a huge bullpen piece for us this year.
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    Wake Forest - ACC Weekend #4

    This isn't exclusive to a closer. I also want starting pitchers that are going to throw strikes and not blow the game. Really this applies anyone you put on the mound. I'm sorry but this is bonkers. The kid has got a ~8.22 BB/9IP and his control comes and goes like the wind. You put...
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    Wake Forest - ACC Weekend #4

    You want to take our best starting pitcher, put him in the bullpen, and replace him with the guy with control/command issues you guys are complaining about? What in the ****?
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    Pittsburgh - ACC Weekend #3

    But if you look at the numbers he's not struggling right now. That's the whole point!
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    Pittsburgh - ACC Weekend #3

    Perhaps. But I don't know that for sure because I can't see into the future. Neither can you. Just because you think someone else could do better doesn't mean they will. Benching someone who is giving you great production right now for an amorphous 'someone else', because he isn't the...
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    Pittsburgh - ACC Weekend #3

    Assuming my math is correct, it might have something to do with him putting up a .333/.461/.571 slash line in his last six games. And if you want to stretch it back to the NC State series it's a .281/.425/.468 slash line over his last 9 games. If that's terrible I don't know what to tell you...
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    Colin Hall

    Feels weird to worry about this after only 36 PA.
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    BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    Dude what the hell are you talking about?