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  1. GTWBB, the 18 ACC games forthcoming(posting here)...

    Why does the ACC have a mobile app that keeps live scores for some teams like Louisville but can’t post a final GT score 2 hours after the game is over
  2. New WBB Coach: Nell Fortner

    Lady Jackets fell behind by 10 points at the beginning of the game, but really turned it on after that and never looked back.
  3. Game Thread - Elon, 11/11/2019

    I switch from YouTube TV to sling TV. Sling TV has both Accn and Accnx.
  4. 2019-2020 GT Hoops Schedule

    Will the exhibition game with Georgia College be televised?
  5. ACC Discussion

    Has anyone but me become disgusted with the ACC app for iPad. Whoever runs it can’t even get the schedules right. Game results and standing are alway late in being posted . You can get real time results, box scores, etc at espn so I guess that the ACC doesn’t care if they have a crappy app. If...
  6. COFH hoops edition

    Mutts lose! Auto- correct got me.
  7. COFH hoops edition

    Mitts lose!
  8. ACC Discussion

    After watching Va Tech and other ACC teams play, GT needs to get their game together quickly or it will be a long season.
  9. Georgia Tech @ Tennessee

    Tenn’s whole team are returning players. They must be feeling pretty bad that they could not blow GT away.
  10. Georgia Tech @ Tennessee

    Game is also on ESPN news
  11. Article Men's Basketball: Lamar Cardinals Preview

    Watch ESPN has ACC games so I watched it there.
  12. Josh Okogie to hire agent and stay in NBA Draft

    How is Josh academically? Does it play into his decision making?