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  1. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    I know clickbaity title but wait for it, I've been doing a decent amount of thinking on this and I honestly think that our most likely competition for Collins's talent if and when he turns things around here (if his methods work I see us having a majorly hard time holding onto him) Isn't...
  2. 316 carries 1666 yds 5.2 ypc and 23 Tds

    That is our current combined stat for our QBS. TQ or TO or possibly even both could reach 1000 yards with 1 or two good games. But seriously that is insane stats from the QB position. We have never done this before.
  3. Just something interesting I noticed watching an old Navy Video.

    This is from 1996 when CPJ was the OC at navy, he had a QB that was a pretty big throwing specialist on that team, but this formation is something i'd like to see us add in. he stacks both a backs behind one of the receivers brings one in motion then has a few play concepts off it, it wouldn't...