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  1. daBuzz

    My son's senior project

    Just thought you guys might enjoy seeing what my son did for his senior project since it has a bit of a Georgia Tech flair. Since August, he and I have been working on restoring a classic 1978 Honda CB750 motorcycle. He didn't repaint it in the original color (red) but I couldn't complain...
  2. daBuzz

    Early signing period

    Looks like we may get a brief 2- or 3-day signing period for football as early as this upcoming December.
  3. daBuzz

    Chip Kelly's Offense

    I found this link on YouTube. I had seen a few of Chip Kelly's "KellyStrator" episodes before but this one is a cutup of several different episodes. If you like listening and/or watching coaches break down plays, you'll enjoy these episodes.
  4. daBuzz

    Cameron Tringale -- much class displayed by this GT alum

    6 days after the end of the PGA, Cameron disqualified himself because he felt there may have been a scoring error. In my opinion, the young man showed an unusual amount of honor to do this. Link
  5. daBuzz

    13 Year Old Prodigy

    Not GT football related, so if the mods want to move it, I'm fine with that. But I thought you GT football fans would enjoy reading this article about a 13 year prodigy who's a stud on and off the field. LINK
  6. daBuzz

    SEC throws down gauntlet in football to NCAA

    Link SEC says that if the NCAA doesn't allow the big 5 power conferences to legally give benefits to their players in football that they have all collectively decided they'll create a Division IV and move to that.
  7. daBuzz

    Al Groh's comments re: GT

    When Al Groh was fired, he made the following comments to the Roanoke Times: Link At the time, myself and I think every other GT fan dismissed his comments as just more ramblings by a coach who was angry at being fired in the middle of a season. But with all that has happened during this off...
  8. daBuzz

    For You Football Xs & Os Junkies

    I ran across this site a little while ago by accident. It's a coaching clinic by the University of Miami. So far, I've only watched the James Coley Offensive series. Interestingly enough, the 2 plays they diagram & run on video were both against GT. (At least they said the 1st one was...
  9. daBuzz

    Attaochu makes Todd McShay's All-Tape Team If you don't have ESPN Insider access, here are 2 quotes from the piece: The 9 players he listed were players who he said he loves watching their film and could watch it all day long: In no particular order, he listed 9 players. Jerry...
  10. daBuzz

    Only Engineer in a Business Meeting

    Enjoy Link
  11. daBuzz

    Calvin Johnson article

    I was looking for something on Google and accidentally came across this article on Calvin Johnson. It's from a couple of years ago but the article is outstanding. I apologize if this has been posted before but I hadn't read it, so I thought I'd post the link in case others hadn't as well. Link
  12. daBuzz

    Coach Strong's message to the UT football team Looks like he's about to change the atmosphere at Texas.
  13. daBuzz

    Kiffin to Alabama as OC?

    ESPN is reporting that Lane Kiffin is interviewing for the Offensive Coordinator job at Alabama to replace Doug Nussmeier. Kiffin met with Nussmeier and Saban before the Sugar Bowl to "share ideas and exchange ideas". After the meeting, Saban said, Adding another recruiter like Kiffin to...