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  1. Coach Paul Johnson Appreciation Thread

    Thank you CPJ.
  2. Let's compare coaches, just for fun !

    Yes he's such a great recruiter that he intentionally committed recruiting violations at Tennessee so that he could get his name out there. He actually said it in an interview. If he could not recruit at Tennessee why would you think he could recruit at Tech?
  3. Blocking assignment help

    You're Right. Everyone seems accounted for, at least what we can see of it, with a blocker sans the free safety. Either they lined up with less people on that side or we're missing something, someone, from what we could see. The should be one player unblock if it is an option and not just a...
  4. CPJ was on 92.9 this morning

    Or you could run midline triple.
  5. 2020 look ahead

  6. Fall Camp Thread

  7. The season can start now... Midline Thread

    No. From what I remember we ran much more trap. I do have a question. Did we run trap a lot the last year and a half because Devine had issues getting to the 2nd level on Midline. I'm not criticizing anyone or even saying causality but I noticed that about the time he started playing more it...
  8. Preseason Depth Chart

    Thanks. I don't know how I missed it. Never mind what I said then:)
  9. Preseason Depth Chart

    Probably waiting until the NCAA decides if he can play this year. I heard he might start at guard might move out to tackle depending. Guard looks like his more natural position in this offense but who knows.
  10. ProJackets Update

    Wow. The Jags not only waved Michael Hughes but they injured him too to make room for Smelter. Remind me never to work for the Jags:)
  11. Fan Day

    He wears navy because it is a different color than the team. He needs the players to easily find him on the sideline.
  12. Average Age of GTSwarm Posters

    He is. He is a UVA fan. He just likes CPJ and his offense.
  13. Average Age of GTSwarm Posters

    So I turn 40 in a month. Are we doing the age right now this sec? Where should I put myself? I don't want to skew the numbers.
  14. The Triple Option Suggested Reading

    Yah I've heard that too. On the plus side though they didn't need too:)
  15. The Triple Option Suggested Reading

    Actually Ballard was asked by Royal, Ballard was the OC, to come up with an offense the combined the option and power football. The wishbone is what Ballard came up with.