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    Potential playoff expansion

    I won’t hate the idea if they start playing these games sooner in bowl season instead of waiting a month to start. But all your doing is moving the argument on the 12-14 place teams. With the top teams getting a bye, it also seems like it will be fun watching the first round just for those teams...
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    DMo to SC

    I’m going glass half full here. Maybe he is handing the ropes over to Coach Choice. CTC seemed to have that same kind of energy when he played, and maybe DMo thought it was Choice’s time to step into his role of the glue guy (obviously coach won’t give up coaching to be the Chaplin). going to...
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    Post week 7 bowl projections

    If a big 10 team can get into the playoffs with 8 wins, I have absolutely no problem going to a bowl with any wins. Especially when we need/want as much as practice as we can get
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    Post week 7 bowl projections

    So we are just going to turn away a month of practice? Hell, if we finish with a losing record I would argue we would need the practice even more
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    Bottom 25

    I would think that this year would actually mean more. Obviously week 1 of this isn’t that important with Not everybody starting but once everybody is playing I think the rankings will actually tell you something. You don’t have as many cupcake games to pad stats and there’s no FCS Southeast to...
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    2020 Freshman Jersey Numbers (Includes a Single Digit)

    Wasn’t there talk that people had to earn lower numbers? I am in no way saying those guys haven’t earned it, I’m just curious as to what incoming freshman could have done to earn it.
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    Miami Postgame #GTvsMIA

    After the penalty, The Miami returner put on a bib jersey because they had somebody come out on the punt return with the same number
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    For those that don't like the Blue uni's...

    There’s no way this thread gets sideways.
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    It’s got to be all the chop blocking, right?
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    Jonesing for some updates from practice

    Ehh, I'm in the TBA fan club. He just really knows the game. Plus, he just seems to have the abilities of about 5 players.
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    Rumor Mills

    I think it was more of a scare from reading your post alone. I did the same thing. I first thought you were talking about mills before making the connection to bridges. So reading that we have lost mills would have been quite the scare.
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    Trouble In Miami??

    He has lost control of the program
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    I'm not sure if they still do it but I think Boise state did something like that for a little bit. The easiest way that I would imagine it be done is by putting it on the ticket somehow.
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    The Illegal Block on Alcorn State Defense

    Thank you! I don't know about anybody else but I had never heard of that, let alone see what caused the call when it happened. I had played football through high school, now work as a manager for a college and had no idea this was even a thing. I guess this goes to show you how much you don't...