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    Game 8 #VTvsGT Predictions

    🐝 35 🦃 21 #THWG (and VT!)
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    Game 7 #GTvsUVA Predictions

    I like the Jackets 21-20. I think our defense will make enough plays, especially in the passing game. On offense, the right reads will be made 9/10 times and Gibbs/Mason/Sims run in big chunk plays.
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    Game 5 Predictions for Pitt. @ G.T.

    I’m back and forth thinking Sims may struggle; but my gut says he’s woken up & is ready to lead us week in & week out! 29 GT 17 Pitt Go Jackets
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    Duke Game

    I agree with GTBandit - I will travel up from Greensboro and just buy a few cheap GA seats for my son and I. Then, I’ll look for GT fans and go sit in that area. Every time I see Tech play in Durham, I pay more for parking!!
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    Game 4 #UNCvsGT Predictions

    Tech - 24 UNC - 23 I think we see a heavy dose of our 4 RB’s to slow the game down. VT gave the blueprint to bear UNC; keep their offense OFF the field.
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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Agree! First time in a long time that we take an L and I feel good about the remainder of our season!
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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Man… SO proud of this team and the fight they showed! We show up and play/coach like this, we will win a good bit of games this year! Great job from our guys.
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    8-0 or 0-8, every game day is a blessing and a great day to cheer on the Jackets! I’m still holding on hope that the most dangerous team to play is a team that has nothing to lose… Let’s get after it boys!! To hell with uga and to hell with clemson! Have a great pre-game and day everybody.
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    Game 3 #GTvsCLEM Predictions

    I’ve been stuck on writing out a prediction. It’s hard for me to ever predict a loss no matter how realistic the loss may seem. It’s like when the cashier asks if I want a receipt and sometimes I say yes even though I know realistically I don’t need it. Therefore, why not keep those gold...
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    Seriously....who else we gonna beat?

    I think we will be more competitive with Clemson then most think. UNC will be our “big” win this year. I see us beating Duke, BC and picking up a W against Miami or VPI. I predict 5 wins total. I’d love to see six though…
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    How to Watch the Game?

    Awesome! Thanks for the info. Here is an article for future reference on additional ways to get ESPN3:
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    How to Watch the Game?

    Thanks for that. I looked up Bally South and it too has something random scheduled to air. Earlier in the week it had Tech, but now it seems they’ve changed it.
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    How to Watch the Game?

    Originally I saw the game would be on Bally (formally Fox Sports) but now it is showing the Braves game and not Tech. Anyone have any suggestions on how to still watch?
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    I agree with you - losing next week or just having a 2 win season; we need to show we prioritize winning regardless of the cost.
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Doing some digging into CGC’s contract will lead you to these facts… + 7 year deal worth 23.1 million + He is in year 3 currently, making 3.2 million + If he is fired within the first four years, he will get all 23.1 million. + If he is fired after year 4, he will get 2.4 per year for the years...