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  1. Cutting scholarship players

    I get what you are saying here, but what is the difference between losing a Hope scholarship because you didn't make the grades and losing a football scholarship because you didn't play football well?
  2. The Official 2020 Color Debate Thread

    Dude, it's a joke. Lighten up Richard!
  3. ACC Expansion

    I sure as hell hope UCF never gets in a P5 conference. That program is a sleeping giant. Easy majors, huge enrollment, located in a recruiting hotbed. They would clean up in the ACC.
  4. GTWBB, the 18 ACC games forthcoming(posting here)...

    My bad. Nell actually seems to have an idea what she's doing.
  5. GTWBB, the 18 ACC games forthcoming(posting here)...

    Same old ****, just a different year. One of these days, we will stop expecting different results out of Pastner on the recruiting trail and realize that the dude can't recruit.
  6. The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    Doesn't really matter if the vaccine is effective or not. The placebo effect will go a long ways to placating people's fears.
  7. Former Georgia Tech DB Ajani Kerr joins Tulane

    That's some next level laziness right there. It took you longer to type your post than it takes to type Dedrick Mills into Google.
  8. All Time GT Team

    No Calvin?!?!? Please crumple up your paper and start over with a new list.
  9. GT @ Syracuse 2/22 @ 4pm

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.
  10. Poll: 2020 Starting QB

    Anyone that had JT ahead of Vad is suffering from revisionist's history. Vad was clearly the #1 until he got his clock cleaned in that one game (think it was UNC but not sure).
  11. Pastner vs Crean

    I don't know but it doesn't matter anyways. Pastner will find a way to finish second in getting him.
  12. Game Thread - @ Pitt, 2/8/2020

    I don't like Pastner much but I am REALLY glad you aren't the coach. Bring our best player off the bench?!?!?! SMH
  13. Note from Juanyeh Thomas

    Depends on how it is marketed and managed but I could see that being a huge draw for those that don't want to "play school". Especially if it gave them as good of a chance to make the NFL as college does. Add to that the fact that they would be getting paid, probably not much but still, and I...
  14. Season Ticket Email - Mayhem at MBS adds $105/per seat

    I gotta say Tech fans sure are good at alienating members of their own fan base. I bet some of you are absolute joys to know in real life. I simply bring up a point about how it is poor form to raise prices after a 3-9 season, and I'm basically told, "Don't let the door hit you in the ***."...
  15. Season Ticket Email - Mayhem at MBS adds $105/per seat

    Look at stubhub before each game and tell me how good of a deal buying tickets through Tech is. This isn't the good old days where people have no other options on how to spend their money. The sooner the AA realizes this, the better. It is simply poor form to jack prices up again after a 3-9 season.