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  1. New App

    I listened on TuneIn Radio app.
  2. Ok question to kill time

    y Dang I’m in lost in trying to post an SI cover but f Heck I’m trying to post a shot of 1982 SI cover 1982 Football edition with my friend Mr. Ronnie Cone’s legs on it but I’m about to throw this phone through the window. Love y’all.
  3. Auburn

    Would LOVE to have him there.
  4. ACC Network Updates

    Bob is back watch quick!! Thank you!!!!
  5. ACC Network Updates

    Now that BobintheATL (thanks for all you did) is shut down do I have an option for a replay at this point? And am I the only guy who’s wife wants to keep Comcast:mad: ?
  6. For those that don’t get the ACC Network...

    My bad! Left off last “l”
  7. For those that don’t get the ACC Network...

    Getting “You’re lost, 404”!!!!! Help!
  8. For those that don’t get the ACC Network...

    So I sign up for a Reddit account and when the link is posted I go there and sign in with username and password and watch the game? Is it that simple? Is it real time? What are the drawbacks? Does YouTube TV do anything better?
  9. Help needed watching replay...

    Xfinity cable and internet and Verizon iPhone. Thank you for replying.
  10. Help needed watching replay...

    So my phone with Xfinity gets ACC replay with WatchESPN but my computer doesn’t? What gives?
  11. 8 GB vs 12 GB ram for laptop?

    Just ordered HP laptop i7 gen8. It came with 8 GB ram but 12 wasn’t too much more so I opted for 12. So I will have 1x4 and 1x8. Did I make a mistake? Not so much worried about potential waste of money because I may not notice any speed difference but I’m starting to worry that this...
  12. Help, PexA,B, or copper for whole house

    Pin holes in Cobb Co. SWMBO (IE ‘83) is concerned about future leaching from Pex. (Thanks to techpossum and forensicbuzz for earlier responses) . I understand Pex works but is copper worth it? And please provide link if this thread has been brought up before. Thanks!
  13. Help needed with copper pin hole leaks...

    Thanks for replying but my thoughts were if I have pin hole leaks now and just fix those how long before new ones appear? If we’re cutting into a stippled ceiling to repair certain sections why not change all that horizontal pipe (was not thinking of vertical wall pipes) because I assume pin...