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    GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    He was fired. Decent production...except in games where it mattered. This is a horribly unimaginative hire. To give how unwanted Chip Long is on the national level, after ND, he did not get a job as an OC. He became an analyst for Tennessee. Under Pruitt. Then, he was hired as OC for Tulane...
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    Noon kickoff vs the mutts...

    It would not surprise me at all if u(sic)ga rested their starters, the same way Pro teams do after they clinch. The ultimate insult.
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    Ugag vs. GT score prediction?

    76-3 They need some new marketing material to show how u(sic)ga is really an ATL school. So they will go hard.
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    Design Identity | Football Uniforms

    Wow that's great. Evidence that the piping really does make gold & navy look more like Tech. I think that is one of my largest issues with the MBS UNC look, or any other gold and navy looks (that exclude white)...Notre Dame has one of the strongest uniform IDs, and if we keep putting navy and...
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    Design Identity | Football Uniforms

    Agree on the blackwatch from last year. I can't image recruits thought those were "too classic". I'd love that to be the template.
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    Design Identity | Football Uniforms

    Most of the uniform debates that we see here and elsewhere center around the use of our colors. I do not want to discuss that in this thread; there are numerous other threads dedicated to that discussion. I would like to discuss the idea of design identity and consistency in our football...
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    Sims does not equal Bilbo. Sims is being given a chance. Bilbo was never given a chance. Bilbo was also a much bigger name in national recruiting circles. I've never been as frustrated as a fan as watching AJ Suggs start over him. However, Bilbo is having himself quite a career as an agent...
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    Recruiting or coaching

    It is always both, but it is not an even split, nor is the same thing needed at all schools. At a place like Tech, we will have inconsistent recruiting classes. That is just the way it goes. And we will never be consistently a top 25 recruiting power. Our emphasis should be on coaching. And it...
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    Game 5 #PITTvsGT Uniforms

    I agree with everyone on the need for white trim on jersey. Without it, it just seems off, and makes the blue look too light. And according to our brand guidelines, when blue is the background color, gold cannot touch the blue directly. Gold is surrounded by white trim I know we have already...
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    What Is The Worst Fan Criticism You Have Seen At Tech?

    This weekend has the potential to be a marketing/PR nightmare, even if we kill KSU. I wouldn't be surprised if we get the UGA/Clemson treatment at BDS, with KSU fans outnumbering Tech fans. The one thing that we have going for us is that KSU's color scheme is similar enough to ours that it will...
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    2016 Class Analysis + Player Ranking

    I'm going to disagree and say DT was super fast. In game, he typically looked like the fastest player on the field, and his combine numbers generally back that up.