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    uga @ Tech for 2021 COFH

    While he has been completely underwhelming since his freshman year at UCLA (he couldn’t block), to be fair, the ‘felony’ charge was for removing a parking boot... stupid yes, felony charge... eh.
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    uga @ Tech for 2021 COFH

    I think for Kirby it’s less about the revenue and more about getting recruits in Athens. He already loses a home game with UF that he’s not happy about so losing another recruiting weekend would hurt much more than the money.
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    Hope this punk likes the taste of grass

    He’ll still be playing HS ball this Fall. So you’ll have to wait at least one more season for the beating to commence...
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    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    Justin quit, and Eason didn’t do any better at UW. The cast-off from USC was a 5* ranked 3rd behind Lawrence and Fields and if GT had landed him he’d have been received as a God by Tech fans. How many QBs did Tech try out in games last year? A lot. Watson was a miss by the last regime and...
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    Future schedule news

    Seems like a good opportunity for GT to get on the national stage (although that can backfire if the team doesn’t show out) but I would have thought losing a home game recruiting opportunity would have made this a deal-breaker, even if the HS coaches didn’t have an issue with it. It means one...
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    Bowling Green slides in to 2023 schedule

    To be fair to Silas, you are looking backwards. I think he was looking forwards. Nothing anyone can do about who they scheduled in the past and even pretty tough to schedule anything in the near future too even if you do want to change - I was surprised the Clemson game for 2021 got scheduled...
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    Is GT keeping up with the ever changing landscape of college football?

    I don’t know if I’d say terrible, but definitely underachieving. And 2010-2013 were also the best years in the history of USCe football, led by Steve Spurrier who was a pretty darn good coach and always had the Dawg’s number. They won 11 games 3 years in a row I think during that span.
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    Brutal schedule / expectations

    At least on offense, a lot of the top 10 appear to be G5 schools, which isn’t surprising I guess. One would expect them to be playing a lot of seniors. The issue for UGA is not the senior losses, its the junior losses. After 2018 and 2019 UGA lost significant on-field production to early draft...
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    Yellow Jackets 2020 Class

    That’s a pretty good graphic. Looks like Tech just edged out Clemson for the jump in 2020? Also showcases the stark contrast of how much regular season schedules affect a team’s potential year in and year out. Tech draws two the the top five upper right teams every single year, where someone...
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    ACC vs. SEC

    Most every school in the SEC does release their incoming freshman class GPA and test score averages from high school. I do not know of any school anywhere that offers those numbers just for scholarship athletes. At least I haven’t seen any school do it. UGA reported that the class of 2023...
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    Future Opponents: Bama and Ga State

    I actually think ND may have never played any team that wasn’t an FBS level team, at least at the time they played them. I may be wrong about that but I don’t think so. But even they only scheduled 9 P5 teams last year I think. It would be good if all P5 teams only played other P5 teams, but...
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    First game participation report

    They have two... should be good there for a while, although hard to imagine being as good as Watson or Lawrence.
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    Media exposure

    Your peers have already explained why UGA would get more coverage outside of performance, its built into the size of the fan base. I was responding to the post that even if GT was performing at the level of Clemson, they would still be in the shadow of UGA from a coverage standpoint, which would...
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    Media exposure

    If GT had blitzed the ACC and won 2 of 3 national championships and been the only one to knock down mighty Bama regularly then they would have more coverage in Georgia than UGA, no question. Winning - and only winning - cures everything.
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    Brenton Cox

    He has talent. As a freshman he played in all but 1 game for UGA and he started the Sugar Bowl on a team with a lot of talent. He’s also loaded with attitude it is said. He was dismissed for ‘team rules violations’ and not the weed. He had a 1 game suspension coming for that but that was it...