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  1. ACC Media Days

    Things that make you go huh: the former walk on tight end with 16 career receptions getting chosen to go to ACC media day over our two year starter at qb.
  2. Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    Should be our first call if CGC doesn’t go bowling this year. Andy Staples made the point that if there was a coach named Deion Smith who won ten games at an FCS school, and was also vastly out recruiting for his level, wouldn’t that coach be a hot name for a power five job? And he has an...
  3. New assistant coach

  4. Excitement for the 2022 Season

    We’ve recruited well enough now for three classes that a guy or two should pop up out of nowhere and become an all ACC level guy. Excited to see who that will be. Our secondary was so bad at getting interceptions last year that we are bound to return to the mean and get 8+ interceptions this...
  5. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Mims committed to FSU. Not sure we would even want Webb with the lawsuit he was involved with coming out of high school.
  6. Really we’ve sunk to a new low

    Last season was great on all fronts. The team gelled down the stretch and we did well in recruiting. But you can’t forget the state of things before last season under Pastner. One NCAA tournament in 6 seasons is not good enough. I’d give him a pass this year if recruiting was going well, but...
  7. ZERO commits

    The guys we have gotten from the portal have essentially all been local guys who were sold on coming back home. That’s a difficult strategy to try and execute yearly since we can’t get good high school recruits consistently under Pastner.
  8. Jared Ivey has entered the transfer portal

    Hard to be mad about losing a defensive end who only had 1.5 sacks in two years but feels like his best ball are ahead of him. Also hated how we developed him. He was a 220 lb edge rusher out of high school that was quick and could bend. He added 50 lbs in two seasons and completely changed his...
  9. GT vs. FSU, Wednesday Jan 26 at 9pm

    Was Saba at the game? Don’t remember seeing him on the bench.
  10. Why punt? Ever.

    Sounds like a horrendous idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a fringe power 5 program does this within reason in 5-10 years and we all discover it’s like the 3pt shot in basketball and makes offenses more efficient.
  11. Roster management

    5/12 recruits this staff has signed left before their eligibility was up not counting the newest freshman class. Figure we will lose one or two guys out of the guys not playing much.
  12. Pre and Post Notre Dame Comments

    Not a zero sum game. The hope is that we can sign and develop better players.
  13. Pre and Post Notre Dame Comments

    We just had the best year in recent history and we were unable to turn that into a good 2022 signing class… not even able to sign a player so far. Recruiting is part of the job, and our inability to do it means we are going to have to develop at a elite level every year…. That’s a hard way to...