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    Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    Really proud of the players with all the issues swirling in our program. They played hard today. Effort was there and defense did good job overall. Simple mistakes, poor ST play, and penalties ultimately cost us. Watching Thomas' reaction after his targeting call I couldn't help but feel bad. I...
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    Week 4 Football

    That's who I wanted us to hire instead of Long for OC
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    Roddy Jones Says It All

    Sad our program has gotten to this point
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    Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    Yes... I'm Jeff Bezos
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    The best thing CGC has done

    Wow... What a train wreck...
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    UCF kick set for 4PM

    Rather watch CSPAN
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    Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    So Collins still has a job as of right now? Unbelievable
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    S173 my dad and I will be there
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    I have a gut feeling.

    Im not trying to be a **** but this was my initial response to your post. Needless to say I'm not very optimistic on things. Hope I'm wrong and your right.
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    Favorite road win

    Same was such incredible game to be at
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    Rank Your Excitement for 2022

    I think I'd rather watch CSPAN at this point, that's how excited I am right now.
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    Is It time?

    1 to 3 wins max this year (I hope I'm wrong)
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    CGC on 680 this AM

    I'm willing to bet there are less than 20k season ticket holders this year. Shame!