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    Our stadium

    Wow, not a single fan wearing red in that photo!
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    Is anyone else in the same, or similar, boat?

    I’ve had 4 tickets for about 15 years. I usually go with my daughter, my wife, and a friend who loves to tailgate. My daughter has gone to almost every game since she was 8, including at least 9 away games during that time. She’s now 22, and mid-season last year, both she and my wife said they...
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    How could he be a HOF candidate?!? Everyone knows that the sole reason GT is in the place we are in now is because he ran the triple option and taught his linemen to do nothing but flop on the ground when the ball was snapped!! (The sad thing about this post is some people will agree with it...
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    Where the Program stands

    IMHO, this is a good overview by a third party observer.
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    "Personalized" Season Ticket Purchase Thank You

    First of all, I will admit that I am not a big money donor and I sit in the cheap seats (upper north) at games, so TS doesn’t owe me anything for being a ST holder. However, twice this past year I emailed him regarding minor complaints that I had. Instead of getting a form letter that said “...
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    Going on the Record

    I think I’ve read the word “pendantic” (or some variation) more times in the last 5 minutes of reading this thread than I have in my previous 66+ years combined.
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    Going on the Record

    I blame them on Biden (for all the Republicans). I also blame them on Trump (for all the Democrats). I also blame them on CPJ (for a select few on here).
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    Season Ticket Renewal Has Started

    Ditto for me, AJ. I held my nose while hitting the ENTER button on my computer, but I had to promise my wife that I would give up my tickets next year if GT doesn’t (a) win 6 games, or (b) fire CGC. Now I’m going to have to find 3 people that want to go with me to the games. Both my wife and...
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    CGC on 680 this AM

    Wait! I ended up not going to GT because math was not a strength of mine. Are you saying I might have made it?!?!
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    2022 Spring Football Practice

    So let me make sure I understand what you are saying. We went 9-4 that year, we scored over 30 points in 8 of the games (which is 1 more than CGC has had in 3 years (IIRC), and 3 of the losses were to top 20 teams (again, IIRC), but since Georgia was bad, that proves the OL was just as bad then...
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    Elasticity of Demand

    I did the same thing. Our seats were in the end zone on the next to the last row, but our section was sold out every game. Even though the tickets were cheap, people were still paying for parking and food (and this was at pre-MBS pricing). Also, the place was loud and the fans bought into the...
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    Stansbury Podcast - Feb 2022

    I used to teach a course on effective communications for my company, and one of the tricks we would use for the “ummmmmers” was to have them give a speech and tell them we were going to record them on the second try. We actually recorded the first, then had them watch it and count the ummms, the...
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    Elasticity of Demand

    As an occupant of the waste land, I can tell you that when the TO was clicking, the upper north provided some of the best views in the stadium for watching plays develop. Of course, these days it’s a great location for getting out early and getting to the car when the game gets out of hand. (I...